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  1. Advice/ideas Of Problem

    Sometimes hear a creaking when turning full lock, only when driving slowly mind you, checked most things to be honest, ie springs etc, everything seems fine hense why i posted to see if anyone has any out the box ideas! As i say, car used to be a nice drive, ok its nearly 4 years old but still ! No crashes or bumps etc just feel like i have to fight the steering wheel sometimes
  2. Advice/ideas Of Problem

    Thanks mate, i will hit the pumps the morra n try say 35, hopefully makes a noticable difference, or do you think try 40 psi? Or would that be pushing it?
  3. Advice/ideas Of Problem

    hi guys thanks for the response, i get this problem even when tyres have just been inflated, no excessive wear on tyres etc.tyres are inflated to around to 31psi in front when topped up, its actually starting to feel as heavy as my old mk4! roads are getting worse and i dont know if i've maybe done some damage!, cant really see much of the steering colume to have a good look to be honest, its electric ps, so would i be right in saying i wouldnt top anything up etc?
  4. Advice/ideas Of Problem

    Electric PS...? same idea?
  5. Advice/ideas Of Problem

    Hi All, I have a 59 plate mk7, when i first got it, it was a really smooth and comfortable ride, however now it feels like the steering has become very heavy, basically i need to put in more effort to turn the car, doesnt seem right. Anyone every had anything like this or any ideas of what to check to solve this issue. its totally putting me off my car now, dont enjoy driving it as much now because of that issue :( Cheers, Daz
  6. Squeal When Turning

    I'll check the tire pressure, tread on tyres is fine, brakes etc are all cleaned and at a fair level, so other wise, who knows, any other checks or fixes I could try would be appreciated Cheers
  7. Squeal When Turning

    Need a bit of advice/help, when steering left or right, something makes a high pitch squeal, it comes and goes, usually comes when steering round corners at a reasonable speed, tried taking both wheels off and cleaning brake discs and calipers, lubricating joints etc, removed any build up of rust n dust basically. Anyone had anything like this or know of any fixes. Fiesta mk7 59 plate Cheers
  8. Key Fob Problems

    Changed the battery and its working fine ;)
  9. Key Fob Problems

    Cheers for the post back, av not tried a new battery, its weird, its like a tempremental women, central locking button inside the car works, so defo the key that has the problem, ill try a new battery, just funny how one day its fine then the next its acting up
  10. Key Fob Problems

    Been having some issues with my key, for some reason, Lock button works, then unlock button wont work, and i have to open my car with the key manually or it happens the oppisite way, i can unlock with key then cant lock it !. I've tried resetting the key, but it doesnt do anything when i hit the unlock button. Any ideas guys ;) cheers
  11. Bit Of Help Needed :(

    Fitting my sub in my mk7, got everything setup, lost the bit for the Fli line convertor, which tells me what wires are negative and positive, can someone let me know, cheers