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  1. Clifford Alram Install Gone Wrong

    ah i see thanks for that pic make sense nope i dont have one of these either lol looking like its got to go to auto eleccy soon
  2. Clifford Alram Install Gone Wrong

    ive had a look and i dont seem to have ones of these do you have a pic of what it may look like ?
  3. Central Locking

    when i unlock from drivers door only that door open all other stay lock also does this from passanger side when i leave the car i lock them from the inside then just lock the two fronts with key however when i unlock using this clifford keyfob all doors unlock all doors. ive also looked all over for the open door switches and cant find then.... in the oth e post i have going it says there is one just near the strike plate on the drivers side but i dont have one
  4. Central Locking

    Right ive spoken to a ford tech and have been told central locking module is built into the fuse box and a new one was around £200 odd not the best way forward but might have to try it if all else fails. if the central locking wasnt working then surely i should be able to unlock the car from the clifford fob. He then told that the car wouldnt lock using central locking via one of the doors if the car thinks a door is open. Wondering if anyone could give this a go for me. i think my only other way of sorting this out would be getting the car to an auto elec place or direct to ford and have it put onto the computer he said they would be able to tell me which door or switch its seen as open shame there is no way i could test this myself
  5. Central Locking

    bugger me lol let me see if i get any where with this guy if he dont and i have it removed i will give you a shout ;)
  6. Central Locking

    if i had know before it was possible and cheaper i would not have had that clifford installed strung in more like....... i didnt know it was built into the fuse box just its stopped working now and was looking on how best to replace or get it sorted. ive checked fuse its meant to be and still nothing. locks just drivers door...but when i lock doors from inside car and use clifford to unlock all doors open so im sure it working just with the clifford been the problem im sure.... was it hard to mod ? costly
  7. Central Locking

    just a quick question anyone know where to find the central locking module in a mk2 focus please thansk jay
  8. Clifford Alram Install Gone Wrong

    ok ive looked for the door switch and can say they must be built into the lock/latch otherwise i havent got any lol..... my question is if i pull the plug to any door would that make the car think the door is closed or would it still show it as a door been open ? i need to try and find out which door it is...when i doo im going to take the lack out and try and find the switch on it
  9. Clifford Alram Install Gone Wrong

    just made a quick call to mesf and found out they are not Registered :o trading standards i think should be next port of call
  10. Clifford Alram Install Gone Wrong

    i just looked on google for clifford installer around swindon and found one in bristol not sure if i can linky but here it http://www.securemycar.co.uk/ ive looked on the door and cant see that switch i know the type you mean should be 1 on each door right ? anyone know where i can find a wiring diagram for central locking system ? i want to check fuse numbers too
  11. Clifford Alram Install Gone Wrong

    when i asked about the door switch you know the one that lets the car know its open he told me its built into the latch and the door has to be closed thus the lacth has to be in use for car to see door if closed. i could see any other switch on the door.......... the boot pop is very odd ive disconnected the button at rear of car to stop anyone opening the car but also fould the boot pop via the clifford still works i guess its always got power becuase the ford central locking is not working right. yes i know where the alarm has been put as i removed all the trim for him and just left the near side door and kick trim on which he managed to break too might i add i think it might be done to an earth problem as ive been trying to find a way to sort it people have said its linked with the interior light but im not sure which door is the problem. i think it might be the near side tho as the car did lock on the off side just never on the near side. when you opened the near side and the alarm was armed it would see the door open and didnt go off. but now it dont lock any doors but it can unlock them i really should have just fitted it myself but i thought i would save time and agrro and pay someone to do it.
  12. Clifford Alram Install Gone Wrong

    the guy has gone back to bristol left me with the car and is not responding to my txt or emails. he wont even give me an invoice for the stuff i brought of him. As ive said now he wont pick up the phone when i call him and not sure where i stand any more ive looked at all fuse and everything is ok. am starting to think if i can find where he has tapped into the system and remove it and hopefuly the car will go back to normal.
  13. hello all i have a ford focus studio tcdi 1.6 estate with a big problem. im really need some help i paid for a clifford installer to fit a arrow 5.1 with boot pop and smart windows cost me a sum of £385 :( well its now gone very badly wrong see when i got the car it didnt have a key fob so i thought get someone to install one to the car. so i found this company local to myself and paid for fitting at my home. problem i now have is the car will not lock as it thinks a door is open so the light stays on all the time on the dash and the interior light stays on too...... this guy has no idea whats gone wrong and has spent two days trying to sort it out but he cant. at the present i have told him i want it removed and to be refunded waiting on a reply still. so when i lock the car i used to use the key in the door(central locking used to lock everything fine) even this dont work any more i think something has also gone wrong with the central locking system im not sure on how to check it, if i get in the car and lock doors from the inside when i press the clifford button it unlocks the doors but thats it when out the car and try to arm the alarm it wont even lock the doors. another problem is he was also going to fit a boot pop to the car but what ever he has done the boot always has power and anyone car walk up and open the boot even with the car been locked. when i looked for the remote pop thing he has installed nothing only ran wires to the lock and tapped in, i think the car had boot pop button and nothing at the dash end. i have no barrel to lock the boot so i have removed the power so it dont open. the alarm wont even go off when armed and any door is opened really need some help on this one cheers for any info
  14. Help With New Car

    thanks for the fast reply im going to get onto this straight away when i brought the car i thought because it was a 55 plate it would come with the car how wrong was i lol thanks jay
  15. Help With New Car

    hi im new to the forum, ive just brought myself ford focus studio 1.6 tdci estate on a 55 plate which ive been told is a mk2 not sure if it is or not is there a way i can tell ? firstly it didnt come with a remote key ive just got two normal keys and then this other flat bit of plastic that almost looks like a keycard type thing no idea what its for ? anyway i would like to know if i can get a remote key sorted out is there any sort of diy/mod job i can carry out to have a remote key. second question is about fitting a roof rail or thule system. i got a price for the front to back rails from ford and they wanted £175 each or a thule which i think will be cheaper but im unsure of the type of foot i need. i was told it might have fixed points and i can just bolt the thule onto the car with out the need of the rail. i know it has the gutter type strip but not sure on where to find the fixed bit was told i would need to unblock it before i could use it . thanks for any help jay