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  1. Air Con Test Mode

    It was free as it didn't work.
  2. Air Con Test Mode

    Thanks Mintalkin, but can't seem to get it into diagnostic mode that way either. Can anyone recommend somewhere I can take it around south Liverpool?
  3. Hi all, hoping someone can point me in the right direction here, bought the car a few months ago, air con has never worked. When you turn on the air con, the air con light comes on, there is a boost in the amount of air coming through the vents but it is not cold. Took it down to kwik fit as they do a no fix no fee recharge. Guy said he charged it and there were no leaks, but he couldnt hear the compressor kicking in. Is there any diagnostic I can do to narrow down the problem or should I just get a 2nd hand comp and have a go?I've tried putting the system in to test mode by setting to 21, windscreen and auto, then pressing temp up and a/c together,then releasing and immediately pressing temp down, as stated on a few other articles I found, but doesn't work, just drops temp display 1/2 a degree on the last button press so not sure if there is a different combination of keys i need, it's a 2002 2.0 tdci ghia x. Any help greatly appreciated.