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  1. Small mods?

    where would be the best place to get new headlights and rear light clusters? ive seem some nice looking ones about, but cant seem to find them online!
  2. Small mods?

    Hey folks I have a mk1 Black Focus 1.6, just looking for some ideas on fairly cheap mods, Just like to flash it up a bit :) Thanks in advance for any tips :)
  3. Best Polish / Repair Job?

    I used some G3 by hand. Its tidied it up a lot for now. Will look at getting a polisher in the near future..
  4. hey guys i just purchased a Ford Focus 2001 in Panther Black. Overall the body is clean for its age, however just a few scratches and blemishes which i would like to try and get out if i can without the need for a respray! Ive atached some pictures, any advice on whats best to use would be appreciated :D scratch 2 by Wayne Bottoms, scratch1 by Wayne Bottoms, sorry for the poor quality!
  5. hey guys I have a 2000 reg focus Diesel estate. Its done 139k and been good as gold! However, Last week when starting the car it struggled to start, was almost like the battery was giving up, but then it would start and all was fine for the rest of the day. Then yesterday it started first time with no issue, But the rest of the day, when i started it, it would give one large rev and be ok. Then today, the same happened, but now the fan is coming on as well, and stays on till the engine stops... Any ideas what it could be, or if its related to each other? lol Thanks :)
  6. How To Replace Cigarette Lighter?

    yeah your advice rocked, i got the parts from the link you put up too :) ty! i'm assuming i just repeat taking the panel off, then the clock pops out? didnt look closely, but seems like it should be easy enough
  7. How To Replace Cigarette Lighter?

    All done, thanks for the advice and links :) next is the LED clock lol, doesnt look too hard tho
  8. hey MY cigarette lighter seems to be temperamental. Only charges when i fiddle with it, then go over a bump and lose it again. How easy is it to replace the cigarette socket? i had a brief look online but couldnt find any other posts :s
  9. Flashing Oil Light? Leak? Pics Added...

    yep, did oil and filter change and engine flush! Went to Brighton and back today with no issues at all, Will be doing 250 miles on Monday and again on Tuesday, so that will be a good test lol
  10. Flashing Oil Light? Leak? Pics Added...

    OK... Fingers crossed! Picked up the car, he said he had it running for over an hour and the light hadnt come on. He replaced the O Rings and cleaned the strainer? in the sump (something like that). I've just taken it out for about 40 mins, and the light has not come on... so hopefully its all done! Only cost me another £120!! lol but cheaper than a new pump :) thanks to everyone for advice & help :)
  11. Flashing Oil Light? Leak? Pics Added...

    It's in the garage as we speak, hes taking the sump off and checking for blockages/crap in it, he also pointed out the O rings are worn out, so hes going to replace them. So just keeping fingers crossed. Otherwise the oil pump is ordered and should be fitted tomorrow... bye bye bank balance :(
  12. Flashing Oil Light? Leak? Pics Added...

    yeah thats a bargain! shame our local stores are out of stock though... grrr! will call tomorrow, see if they know what kind of times they get delivered... thanks :) the garage who quoted today was £80 for the part, then 3 and a half hours at £52 an hour... going to call a mobile guy who did my cambelt, he charges £35, then £45 for the pump makes it not quite so painful... bad enough though lol... When replacing the pump, is there anything else i would need to supply? does the pump come with the pressure release valve etc?
  13. Flashing Oil Light? Leak? Pics Added...

    yeah i will supply myself... how do i get 25% off?
  14. Flashing Oil Light? Leak? Pics Added...

    having had the switch, oil and filter replaced. Apart from the pump, is there anything else that it could be? We dont think its wiring due to the fact it only flashes when hot, and more so when accellerating etc. Does the pump come with the pressure release valve? dont want to spend out that much money to then still have the problem!
  15. Flashing Oil Light? Leak? Pics Added...

    yeah, apparently thats inside the oil pump... the pump itself is on euro car parts for £60, just seems to be labour thats the nasty bit! i think i can get it down a bit though. But need it done by the weekend.. doing a 500 mile trip Monday to see my daughter... really cant let her down :(