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  1. It is because the plugs are iridium plugs and the replacement ones aren't, I think it means the coils have to work harder to ignite the mixture. I'm not 100% as I don't deal with modern cars very often. I did my apprenticeship restoring Rolls Royce and Bentley's from the 1920's up to 1980's the newest one I worked on was a 2012 Flying Spur and that was a gigantic pile of poo! Rust everywhere at 12k miles.
  2. When I started it up after doing the service I thought it cranked for a bit longer than normal and seemed to stumble. I thought I had imagined it but I have been out driving this evening and it drive fine but every time I turned the car on after stopping somewhere it struggled to start and stumbled for a second before idling. I thought it must be the plugs as the electrode on the replacement plugs are much larger than the electrode on the FoMoCo plugs. So I whipped the plugs out and refitted the original ones and normal service has been resumed. I'm sure plenty of you on here will know this but I thought I would post it anyway in case it helps someone in the future. These are the plugs euro car parts list as being the correct plugs for the 1.6 ecoboost https://www.eurocarparts.com/p/bosch-spark-plug-408772090 However they are the wrong plugs it would seem, the Denso plugs they list for nearly £13 each look like the ones that came out https://www.eurocarparts.com/p/denso-spark-plug-408775520 So be warned, I'm going to phone Ford tomorrow and see how much a set of their plugs are.
  3. I serviced the Hocus Focus yesterday and the plugs that came out were FoMoCo so I assume that is genuine Ford, they were still gapped to 0.8mm. I gapped the new Bosch plugs to 0.8mm, fitted a new air filter, pollen filter, oil and oil filter. I must admit I was dreading doing the service on this as I'm so used to RWD 1980/90's cars but it was a lot easier than I thought!
  4. I bought Bosch plugs from euro car parts. Yes the spark plug gap does affect running and how complete the burn is inside the engine. I found a video on YouTube saying it should be 0.7mm but someone in the comments said it should be 0.6mm.
  5. Hi all I'm going to be servicing my 2012 focus 1.6 ecoboost this weekend, what should the spark plug gap be? Thanks
  6. Thanks all, my mate brought his code reader over and we plugged it in just on the off chance and it talked to it but said no codes found, it obviously has codes though so I'll have to get the forscan stuff. Will this be right connector? https://tunnelrat-electronics.fwscart.com/USB_Modified_with_switch_ELM327/p4541936_17045457.aspx Where do you download forscan? I found this website https://forscan.org/download.html but it looks like a website that will give my laptop plenty of viruses!
  7. My Sister-in-law phoned me and said her fusion has broken down, so I've towed it back to her house. It will start and run as long as you apply some throttle, the moment you let go of the pedal as the revs get down to the idle the engine shudders then dies. I don't have a code reader as I'm used to cars that don't have codes! So I've asked my mate if he will let me borrow his tomorrow, I'll see if it has any codes tomorrow but there is an orange light on the dash (just a circular light). Has anyone got any ideas or had a similar issue? The car is a 2008 1.4 16v petrol manual Fusion.
  8. That clears that up then, thanks for the great info 🙂
  9. Thanks for the welcome 😊 I picked the Focus up yesterday and so far I think it is absolutely brilliant! However I've found that when I connect my phone to the Bluetooth and try playing Spotify no sound comes out.
  10. Hi all Just found the forum and thought I would join as I put a deposit down on a manual 2012 Focus Titanium X 1.6 ecoboost 150hp estate on Saturday. It has done 42k miles and looks to have been very well looked after, although it has had some interesting colour choices made. Someone has painted the calipers light blue and the engine cover too, it has also got H&R springs so I assume it is lowered but I'm not sure by how much. We are hoping to pick it up on Saturday, they're checking it over as the wheels had kerbing so they refurbished them for us and it has an oil leak from the cam cover and a knock on the rear end (I assume ARB droplinks?) But hey they included that work for the price so I'm not complaining if they're saving me from doing it. Hopefully I won't need to post too much but this forum will definitely come in handy.
  11. Welcome to Ford Owners Club - Ford Forums. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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