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  1. I think it’s the sound system amplifier
  2. It’s definitely a 2020 car, my profile has just been edited. I can see why it looks like a door issue, but all other contact points and ‘lines and gaps’ seem good. The top bright trim in question seems to be set at an angle. Bending the door top doesn’t look like solving the issue and the trim is connected to the rear glass panel and could be risky. If we were talking about a 10 year old car, then a pair of molegrips (with some protection of trim in place) could be used to lever it back in line with front section? …maybe….
  3. Thanks guys, this is a’70 plate , less than couple weeks in our possession. Didn’t notice at first , so back to garage I think…
  4. Hi Anyone had experience of how to fix misaligned upper plastic chrome trim on mk4 rear door? Am I correct in thinking that it’s bonded to the rubber seal beneath it? Any help/advice on a self fix or is it a job for the professional body shop? cheers Steve
  5. I think it refers to the traffic sign recognition on windscreen…
  6. Standard Infotainment Panel? Substitute Infotainment Panel?!
  7. SIP Side impact protection? Sports inspired performance?
  8. I think generally you’re probably on the button, but I have seen some sync 4 equipped non - STlineVignales. I shave previously posted that, with suitable meaningful contact, and the opportunity to ‘modify’ our ordered cars, with some compromises on our behalf in order to guarantee an early build and delivery, we may jump at the chance. Someone will know for sure whether Ford have sufficient parts, indeed the will to prioritise orders made 7/9 months ago…. just an aside, I spoke to 5 non Ford dealerships about chances of delivery of any new car , the reality is that even cars previously thought largely better able to get semi conductors, are stating 6 to 9 months and some 12 months!
  9. Just been scouring Autotrader for new Focuses , in stock, and they say also to order. CarPlay seems absent from listed spec, most have sync 3, digital dash not available, all 125 bhp, but some include parking pack, winter pack, most/all do state heated seats and steering wheel.
  10. My understanding is that the base model has sync 3 without Satnav! But I think CarPlay is included. Seats are not leather in either, missing heated steering wheel? But strangely I’ve seen a few with the odd parking pack, thrown in and I don’t think the cruise control is adaptive with radar to slow you down if you’re too close. I’m not ‘dissing’ these cars, if Ford decide that these models suit the chaotic chip shortages etc and were upfront if ST Lines Vignale 155 were off the agenda for the next 6 months, then some of us may consider these models if approached with incentives…? And money off?
  11. Hi Dotore , I’m clutching at straws here, like many others, so you are assuming that during the August shutdown, the Saarlouis factory should have accumulated 30 days worth of stuff needed for production? and our hope is that the orders backlog will be fulfilled.I hope you’re right ! I also hope that they don’t squander all those parts on keeping main dealers sweet with a mismatch of oddly specced ‘Style and Design’ models! and if we don’t hear about a build date in September, then parts, energy,etc etc will be like rocking horse 💩!
  12. Hi 

    Hope you don’t mind me asking you this, your link was given in Ford Focus 4.5 delays forum. Have you any thoughts on if uk ordered Focus with various options, will definitely be fulfilled please?

    Some of us on the forum have been waiting for 7-10 months for any information but so far we’re not getting any information at all, or it’s very vague. I know it’s strange and difficult times for certain manufacturers but with all the doom being said about Saarlouis in recent months, what’s your take on this please 

    Any personal views eagerly awaited 



  13. I think you’re probably right there! is it naive to think that there might be someone or group with some connections with the Saarlouis factory? Even if they confirmed that it is chaotic or that ‘speaking with forked tongue’ is standard practice! Probably…
  14. What concerns me is that your dealership has told you an ‘exact’ build date, which is great. How come others’ dealerships have no information? I can’t believe that they haven’t asked Ford, as their customers will need to know. Now I’m thinking about all sorts of conspiracy theories! I.e. some unscrupulous plan to pull the plug on some heavily discounted orders! like Plimp, I’m even nervous about my cars delivery journey to my home address! Should it ever happen, which I really hope it does. I think that I will leave it until the end of September, and if I’ve not been given a firm build date, then I’ll have to have a contingency plan, for my sanity’s sake!
  15. A question to members and all interested, is there any well connected group, person or organisation who would be able to communicate directly with Ford, to find out what the fluck is going on?!! there are various ‘guises’ of Focus for sale in dealerships with various options, including sync 4. Not seen many mk4.5 St line Vignale’s for sale, maybe a couple of used examples. spoke to my broker today who is the go between with company I’m purchasing from…. Reminded them that last communication mentioned September build but at this stage cannot be confirmed. Neither of these online car providers know anything at all! Absolutely no info to them from Ford, and these are respected car factory order sourcers who have been ordering and selling vehicles online for over ten years! They no less than us! it’s not rocket science, a simple set of questions to Ford… are you going to build ALL the customer orders with original specifications ordered? Yes or no… and if yes, then when? What’s the production priority order? Etc. etc. If the answer is no, have the integrity to explain this so we can move on.
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