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  1. St170 Front Tire Rubbing In Wheel Arch?

    Oh and the car has only done 30,000 miles and is well looked after ie. has never been taken off road or on unsurfaced roads.
  2. St170 Front Tire Rubbing In Wheel Arch?

    Thanks for the reply. All standard 215/45/17's standard rims with no suspension mods. Just about to take it to my mechanic. He seems honest and that is about as good as i can get unless i start doing all the work myself (not an option). Ford are so bad here. The guy who i bought it off had a full service done only days before. I then had it checked and found that the oil filter was cross threaded and leaking badly, the power steering fluid was drained and not filled back up, the coolant was half empty, the tyre pressures were all well short....the list goes on. Needless to say that all the above were marked as done or checked. That was the biggest most respected Ford service department in Sydney and cost $1700 or 1000 pounds!!!!!! Will let you know what they say.
  3. I have had my ST170 for a while and noticed that it occassionally grounded the drivers side front tire into the wheel arch lining on heavy braking and on the odd pot hole. This was only a rare event but over the last few days it has become a noticable problem that happens more often than not over the slightest bump. Roads down under are not as god intended and have more than their fair share of uneven surfaces. Has anyone else had a similar problem?? I have had it checked on a ramp which revealed nothing. The handling is sweet as per norm and there appears to be no indication or tell tales of the shocks or springs being shot. Thr tire is contacting on the inside of the arch right on the platic clip/strap that is incorporated into the arch lining that holds it up the wing. Only on the drivers side. I only weigh 12 stone?! Tyhe last thing i want to do is take it in to a garage and ask them to try and repair it before i have an idea of what it could be. It is quite a rare car over here and parts are silly prices. Even the Ford dealers ask me what it is!??! Any information or help is grately appreciated in advance.
  4. ST170 IMRC stuck Open

    I have the same problem on my ST170; the engine management light constantly on, and have been told it is the butterfly valve malfunctioning!! Australian mechanics?! It turns out that the valve is, as the rest of you guys have mentioned, an inlet manifold control which helps the engine produce more torque at lower revs. I have had the car go in to have it tested 4 times and have only been charged for the privilege once buy a pretty good outfit. Thing is, everytime i have the light turned off by the mechanic and his box of tricks, the cars seems to pull a bit smoother and dare i say quicker. So my question is, does anyone else find that their car performs a little better after the light is turned off even if no other work is carried out? I am trying to work out if it is just a software issue of if there is a faulty part. Over here the part is fitted to a fair ammount of the faster Aussie muscle Fords and they charge a !Removed! bomb for them!! Any advice or suggestions are greatly appreciated, over here they have bumper stickers exclaiming that only milk and juice come in 2 litres. I don't seem to get a great deal of help from the mechanics as they think my car is a waste of space!??!?!?!