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  1. fitting mudflaps (mk6)

    Hi fitted front flaps for my 2016 fiesta no problem purchased the genuine Ford kit . you will find that there is no holes they use a friction clamp at the Top and a bolt clamp at the bottom also self tap screw into plastic inner mud guard you will have to remove a plastic rivet at the bottom also to reuse after fitting but the rivet does not seem long anougth when refitting it.
  2. Fiesta centre consol

    Hi back again update . I eventually managed to remove gear stick cover ( it does just pull out from top very tight ) i used a credit card to make gap between chrome surround and bottom bit on passenger side I then inserted a thin 1in metal paint scraper blade between credit card and cover pushed inwards to release friction clips and generally worked my way around, at last I have got it off. I can now see the wiring on back of cig lighter and if I needed could now get to the wiring. hope the pic also help
  3. Fiesta centre consol

    Decided to try another option , removed usb facia ( interference fit ) identified live feed on rear of cig lighter through hole ( Yellow and blue ) still could not access wiring, removed passenger side trim on centre consol ( one plastic rivet at front then interference clips at rear part ) now identified wire in loom ( yellow/blue ) on the side going back to dash area connected a new wire ( used what I call a scotch block splicer ) going back to fuse area with a new 2amp inline fuse holder. still would like to know how to get the gear lever cover off did try a bit of leverage on chrom sides but no luck didn't want to damage area early post say just to pull upwards by hand?? Any advise. thanks able
  4. Fiesta centre consol

    Yes I tried modifying by cutting away plastic but then the fuse next to it got in the way so I still could not get it inserted correctly.
  5. Fiesta centre consol

    Hi thanks for reply. ii did try the piggy back fuse from eBay but sadly it didn't fit the fuse box the adapter legs just where to short to connect , so I give up with that and now looking at making connection on back of cig lighter but can't get access to it
  6. Fiesta centre consol

    Hi I have a Dec2016 titanium Fiesta iam trying to get to the cig lighter to pick up a live feed any advise on how to remove gear lever cover so i can possible get to wiring . Is the cig lighter colour yellow and blue?? thanks able
  7. Fiesta 2016 Reverse Gear Problems

    How you describe your fault is typical of a Clutch problem especially with a burning smell if this was anything but a 3cly engine would definitely be a clutch sliping and need of replacing.
  8. Fiesta 2016 Reverse Gear Problems

    I also had a problem with reverse gear on my Fiesta Titanium ecoboost 2016 model .on my one I was always getting the gear selector jumping out of gear with a grinding noise when just. Lifting your foot of the clutch intermittent but regular especially on a slope . reported this to dealer who said it was standard for this to happen ?? I have just bought a new Fiesta Titanium Dec 2016 and as yet not experienced the same problem hoping it does not have the same problem as my last car as I could not understand why such a new car could jump out of reverse gear
  9. Usb music best practice

    Thanks for everybody input managed to learn some helpfull items..Anouther Query when playing your music in car can it display the album Art or is it a waste of time adding the album Art .Thanks buzzy
  10. Ford Fiesta titanium dec2016 Sony audio with satnav. iam about to try and put all my music onto a usb pen drive can anybody tell me what's the best way to get the best results. Do I just copy the folders separately on to the root of the drive or copy all the music tracks onto the drive . Would I have to use any software to obtain best results .thanks buzzy
  11. Satnav V7

    Hi just find the menu system hard to understand the terminology (eg) going through the sub menu I come across an item that says Block "block what "? Basically I just want to store my list of post codes in Favourites easily then access them with a friendly name with out to much trouble . Enter a destination and just get there.
  12. Satnav V7

    Thanks for your input but still having difficulty with Nav
  13. Satnav V7

    Anybody know what the latest Map version is current .I have just purchased a Fiesta Titanium (Dec 2016 ) on removing the sd Card it says Western Europe V7 is this the latest.?. Also as anybody found the instruction Manual for this Nav system , found the 2 pages at the rear of the car Manual but not much Help to me any links to a PDFs anywhere as it's the first Nav system I have used Iam finding it difficult to use any Help please.Buzzy
  14. Electrical problem with mk7 fiesta HELP

    Hi if I was you I would check the Earth connections behind the dash area not sure where they are possible by the fuse box or by the door pillars had a similar problem to this on a previous car it was just a loose Earth connection. Usually held by a bolt just loosen fixing bolt make sure good solid connection maybe more than 1 connection point sorry I have not got a wiring Diagram to be sure where Earth points are. buzzy
  15. Sat nav fuse live connect

    Hi thanks for Responce my problem is if I require to operate sat nav when ignition is switched off planing routes ect, if I have not used it recently I find the battery flat on device so I then have to keep ignition on to recharge unit while Iam planing trip. Update I may have sorted problem out if you use the cig plug on the back of the centre consul this is live without ignition on . Not sure if it goes to sleep after locking down.