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  1. Best car I have ever had ,drives nicely very good Mpg compared with my Ecosport . Love the adaptive cruise control far better than previous version also the adaptive speed limiter works good stops those speeding fines as it auto recognised the speed signs overall well pleased with car
  2. Has now been booked into dealership diagnosed by them as requiring new modular 3rd visit.
  3. Hi every body is there anybody know how I can access the wiring on the central cig lighter ,I managed to get the gear lever gaiter off ok but I still need to get next part of the consul off tried a few push and pulls but don’t want to break anything ,anyone got any ideas ? Ford puma 2021
  4. Have now had my new Puma a few weeks ,have now noticed that the voice commands to navigate ,find places does not do anything just sits there waiting for command but never actually does anything . Anybody got a fix for this .
  5. Not sure where the Exhaust catalistic converter is situated on the Puma but they get exceedingly very Hot it may be fitted close to the floor panel or the heat shield missing I would get it checked out at the dealership very soon.
  6. able


    Only had my Puma for a few days has anybody tried to send a map route to the car using Ford pass app on iPhone couldn’t do it on mine. probably me not doing it correctly.?
  7. I have just got mine from a large Ford Dealership no Freebies for me.
  8. Does anybody who has got the latest puma st line got a wheel with the size on it or a manufacturer part number. For space saver.
  9. Hi about to collect my new puma on tue asked about this feature but was told taken option taken off . can I ask what and where is forscan .
  10. Info on spare wheel please . I will be collecting my new Ford puma on Tuesday and had to order the spare wheel at the Dealership and pay another £200 for the privilege they seem to have had difficulty in getting the wheel but will see what I get , hopefully the wheel will fit in the boot bottom recess . This was the problem on my 2019 Echosport nowhere to put a spare wheel , anybody bought the spare wheel at a dealership?
  11. able

    Fiesta 2018

    I found the fuse box not easy to access when messing about with the Electrics also the add on fuse connectors don’t always fit correctly and the last thing you want is a high resistance connection. The cig lighter fuse position and Amperage by the book are pos 83 Amp. 20. i chose to connect to this circuit as the camera would be taking very little current I just connected to the green / purple feed wire then ran the wire to the glove box with a inline 1Amp fuse then used a aftermarket cig socket so I could connect / Disconect the circuit easily from within the glove box at the top tray.My camera came with a cig lighter plug fitted to cam wire.As for the Earth connection just used any convenient point with a Earth bolt . I have previously used this type of setup on previous Fiestas .
  12. able

    Fiesta 2018

    Update managed to sort the problem if anybody interested removed panel around selector lever (2parts) small one first friction fit then 2 clips on second part to press ( this one is harder to release ) this now will give you access to cig lighter wiring see pic.livefeed to lighter ign feed Green/ purple strip.
  13. Hi has anybody managed to access the cig power socket on the all new Auto fiesta titanium iam trying to pickup a power supply for my dash Cam from this supply. Any help please buzzy
  14. able

    2018 fiesta

    Thanks for info pleased it’s got a Tq converter couldn’t seem to find any info on this. thanks Able
  15. Just ordered the new fiesta auto1.0 Ecoboost does anybody know if this vehicle has aTorque Converter for the Autobox or has it got the Duel clutch still. thanks Able
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