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  1. Yeah well it isn't intermittent anymore! Definitely not working 100% of the time now, tried again today with more WD40 and a few gentle "bangs" but nothing is freeing up. I'll make use of the global windows and use the interior handle for the foreseeable and put it into the garage when I feel so inclined... Or I may not and run it like that until the MOT runs out and say screw the car!! I drift between phases of hating it and wanting rid and then deciding maybe I should keep it... At least on the plus side I won't get car jacked anytime soon
  2. I do like having the next 9 days off work, having my kitty next to me and opening a bottle of 19 Crimes... Just need a good movie and tonight will be perfect.
  3. I don't like that the outside driver's door handle on the Passat is back to not working again Sprayed some WD-40 in it a week ago and that got it working, but back to the "pull and nothing happens" situation today. Thankfully the inside handle works and it has "global open" windows so I can just open them and reach in, but not sure the MOT tester would be quite so happy...
  4. Oh tell me about it! I've worked in customer service for 5 flipping years now and there are some things I'd love to say to customers that's for sure.
  5. I don't like waking up today feeling really angry for some reason, went through the day feeling like I could punch the wall or tell somebody to feck off! Doesn't help there are holiday hours available at work but when I request it gets declined, what a shocker...
  6. I work for an energy supplier who has a pretty bad reputation but even we issue refunds on demand when the customer is in credit! That should be the norm, any company that won't should be investigated by Ofgem.
  7. DD is cheaper with any supplier, but if you don't trust them then I don't blame you! I pay £80 a month to EDF which I know is probably double what I need to pay, but then I just get a refund nearer Christmas and I know I'm never in debt.
  8. It does exist unfortunately, pain in the back side though as generally only one supplier in each MPAN area supports it. Standard or fixed price relates to the unit rates and standing charges, hence you can have Eco10 on a standard (variable) or fixed tariff, although the available tariffs may be limited depending on supplier.
  9. I have a gas boiler and cooker but the cooker costs hardly anything and I haven't had the heating on so the boiler has only been fired up for the hot water as and when (combi-boiler). If you're all electric then you're only paying one standing charge so it shouldn't be that much unless you have an immersion heater that is on? That can consume a fair bit.
  10. That doesn't sound right Tom, I'm using about £30 per month max and that's for a 3 bedroom house! Albeit I am parsimonious so I use as little as possible, but if all you're using is laptop and television then that doesn't make sense. Who's your supplier?
  11. Ah right! Gas is still cheaper for me as I'm on grid but in the future I may switch if the price of gas goes up substantially which it may well do.
  12. I do like having a nice drive with my mother today in the Toyota, then getting home and having a chat with a couple of good friends and now relaxing with a movie and a glass of red. God has blessed me.
  13. I don't like the amount of pollen in the air today... Sneezing and blowing my nose going round Tesco, combined with my smoker's cough people must have thought I was infected!
  14. Have you got an American HVAC style system now?
  15. If it has just started happening during your ownership then it must be a blown bulb/wiring issue as if there was a fault it would illuminate all the time.