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  1. I don't like being bedded pretty much all day with a stomach flu... Here's hoping I feel better tomorrow as I can't afford to take another sick day
  2. Could be, paint fumes don't normally give me a headache though but I guess it could be a combination of no medication and the fumes!!
  3. Well I was prescribed it for my migraines and anxiety. It works wonders with the former but sadly does little for the latter...
  4. I do like painting the bathroom door and door frame last night! Quite an achievement for me considering my hatred for gloss paint...
  5. I don't like not taking my propranolol last night and waking up this morning with a migraine!! I thought after taking it morning and night for over 2 years maybe it wasn't doing as much as I thought, so I decided to not take it last night and see what happened... Well, now I know what happens, so maybe it is working after all!
  6. Depends what age it is, that's worse on rubber than mileage is.
  7. I would get the AC fixed on the Passat but given the weather is only warm for 3 weeks of the year then under 15 degrees again it isn't worth it here in Scotland... In fact I can't remember the last car I had that actually had functioning AC that's now little we use it here! Maybe the Rover 600 but I'm not sure.
  8. I used this which was excellent:
  9. In addition to the above I do like completing my Sunday with a couple of cheese burgers (in albeit squashed brioche buns!) and a Southern Comfort... I do thank God for these good days when I'm feeling not to bad and can see the positives in life. Days like this are quite rare for me.
  10. I do like playing my Jim Croce LP! You don't get music like that these days
  11. I do like taking advantage of the beautiful weather and going for a 100 mile drive in the countryside, which served a dual purpose of letting the Wynns turbo cleaner make it's way through the system and after a few streams of smoke on acceleration the turbo noise is quieting down nicely.
  12. I do like getting the new front tyres fitted to the Passat! The old ones were barely legal, and the outside edges were smooth from when the alignment was out, so they were sorely needed.
  13. She's adorable, I am very much a cat person!!
  14. I wasn't sure if that was still the case but if so then that's ideal!
  15. As long as there aren't any sharp edges and it is secure then I can't see a problem.