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  1. I only passed my test in August 2016 and didn't get NCB for the first year as I cancelled before the year was up due to changing vehicles etc... Therefore I only have 2 full years (at the moment) despite having never made a claim, which is annoying but hey ho!
  2. I called mine to give them the option and it was basically a case of "tough luck", so I told them to cancel it then and I'll go somewhere that actually rewards no claims... Now I've got fully comprehensive cover (instead of TPFT) for the same price and next year hopefully it'll go down since I'll be over 25 then and have (touch wood) 3 years NCB.
  3. You should see the ones at my work. Even animals aren't that dirty! I wouldn't mind but it's an office environment that gets cleaned twice a day...
  4. I know what you mean! I've never been able to stay with the same insurer because the renewal is always more expensive...
  5. Until they develop an electric car that can charge in 5 minutes and go 800 miles on a single charge I will keep my diesel thank you very much...
  6. That is a great song. I bought his 1978 LP "Endless Wire" recently and have listened to it a few times, it really does get better with each listening which is the sign of good music.
  7. I can attest to that! Some things looking back I'm glad I missed, but others would have been good to experience and who knows where I'd be now if I had been able to take those opportunities. Anyway this is the "do like" thread so I'll leave it there before I get too depressed!!
  8. I do like discovering Gordon Lightfoot! Some great music although I don't think anybody remembers him anymore...
  9. I don't like the change in the barometer reading from yesterday to today!!
  10. If anybody put their feet on my dashboard they would be walking the rest of the way! Not because of the safety but because of my clean dashboard!!!
  11. I don't like that you can't refer to someone as "male" or "female" anymore without being accused of "hate speech"!! I've decided from now on I will refer to people as "it", then I can't go wrong surely? Despite being a staunch Christian, I think of myself as quite tolerant and can accept most things (even if I don't agree with them), but this just doesn't make sense... Maybe I'll have to take a degree in stupidity to understand it!!
  12. I do like that two of my cats are seemingly also snooker fans!
  13. That would make sense then! I'm hoping my Ideal (fitted 2011) will keep going for another 10-15 years, considering they are still selling my model you wouldn't expect parts to go out of production for at least 15 years.
  14. That's promising, we had a Baxi years ago and it was far from reliable, but that was one made in around 2004 so yours must be made better. Yes I read that also and I'd take it with a pinch of salt. It's like back in 2005 they said they'd stop selling petrol and diesel cars in 2010 and then in 2010 they said it would stop in 2015 etc... Needless to say petrol/diesel cars and gas boilers WILL be phased out one day but not in the next 5 years. Maybe 50 years but not 5!!
  15. It's natural gas thankfully!