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  1. I have to say if I'd spent £20k on a brand new Passat and the wings started rusting after 4-5 years I would be mightily irritated. That said, given all the other foibles the wings could be the least of its problems!
  2. Oddly the wheel arches weren't that bad on our Mk4 Fiesta, the back ones went slightly but it was the sills and seat belt anchorages that caused 3 consecutive MOT failures and on the third one we called it a day. If we had kept getting it welded then the only parts that would still be original by now would be the seats and the sunroof!
  3. I had wondered why every VW/Audi had rusted out front wings!! I think I'd rather have road noise to be honest.
  4. Even if you have booked annual leave you can call in sick on those days and get the holiday days/hours back. As for their obligations I presume you mean sick pay, that comes down to your contract unfortunately. If they were liable for your accident then that's another matter entirely. If you have a union then they should be your first port of call.
  5. I do like enjoying a glass (or five) of red wine on my last Friday of holiday before returning to hell - sorry - work on Monday. Yay, can't wait...
  6. I don't like getting the Toyota checked over today to find that the undercarriage is in actual fact very badly corroded. Needless to say come April when the MOT expires it will be going bye bye. Nevermind, it was a £300 car so if it lasts 6 months then it will earn its money. Of course there is no way of knowing what state it was in 6 months ago when it passed the MOT, but lets just say the tester's idea of "excessive corrosion" may have been slightly lax. At least it's a change to have a car rot out that isn't a Ford!!
  7. Don't get me started on car insurance! Just had a set-to with Go Skippy the other day.
  8. It sucks doesn't it. At least you are legitimately in the "Highlands and Islands" though, what they are doing for me (in an AB postcode) is illegal as far as I know, or at least erroneous.
  9. Yep, I never use my card except to withdraw money. All that shows on my statement are direct debits and ATM withdrawals which is how I like it - no history of my spending habits!
  10. I do like that my doctors surgery seems to think I'm a time traveller!
  11. I don't like how useless DPD are. First they say I cannot get the promised 1 hour time slot because I'm in the Highlands (which I am NOT), so I then ask them to deliver to a neighbour as I cannot guarantee being home and what have they gone and done but left a card!!
  12. I do like returning home after a pleasant weekend away with my mother for her birthday. We will definitely make a return visit to Dornoch and the "new" Toyota made the trip there and back with no problems
  13. That's exactly like what happened yesterday, this is the first time I've ever been to Dornoch. Maybe I should buy a lottery ticket tonight!!!
  14. Well as someone who has never been to university and earns less than £20k per annum I can honesty say do whatever you can to get the best job possible. Money isn't everything but it does help to have a decent income and you don't want to end up like me.
  15. Can't say I've seen many in Moray either.