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Status Updates posted by jmurray01

  1. Been a good day...

  2. Wild Hearts Run Out Of Time...

  3. Thank God for Air Conditioning!!

  4. Glad to be back on FOC!

  5. 60 days to Christmas, and we're already talking about it!? Come on! What happened to waiting until December ?

  6. 1997 Ford Fiesta 1.25 Ghia is now Taxed and Insured! Long live the Ford! Short live the Rover as it seems...

  7. Rubbish, I repeat, rubbish weather! :(

  8. Beautiful day here in NE Sotland :)

  9. Got accepted for the Mechanics course :)

  10. Fiesta's tax has gone up to £71 for 6 months! Used to be £66!

    1. Londongirl8


      It wouldn't be so bad if they actually used all the money they get from motorists to fix all the pot holes! Having said that, my tax is only £30


  11. Got to change the Fiesta's oil soon!

  12. Tomorrow the Fiesta will be in her garage! :)

  13. Bought a new fuel filter for the Fiesta! Just gotta fit it when I have time!

  14. Moving house on the 11th! And it has a garage for the Fiesta! :)

  15. Fiesta. Not for the small minded.

  16. Love isn't a big enough word for the way I feel about the Fiesta...

  17. Another freezing day! Ugh!

  18. If the weather is better tomorrow I'll get the Fiesta cleaned! All that grit is going to rust soon!

  19. Snow is back! Argh!

  20. Another year goes by and the MK4 Fiesta Ghia keeps eating up the miles! :)

  21. 1 Foot of snow, I hate it! Bah Humbug!

  22. Just gave the MK4 Fiesta Ghia 1.25 a full valet earlier! Even took the boot carpet out to give it a good wash as it was FILTHY!

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