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  1. Found that biggest insurance premium is to do with where you live (post code) Grrrrrrrrr!
  2. Wow, who are you guys using for insurance? I have used all the comparison sites and thats the cheapest i get? Regards, Andy.
  3. Haha yes, the main reason though i have diesel cars is mainly for the cost effectiveness of them. This little bugger seems to run on fresh air, tax is £30 pa and believe it or not the insurance (39 next month) fully comp protected for this is still a mighty £320.00 pa and i have 11 years (full) NCD! We are currently paying for a £5000 holiday to egypt in July otherwise i would look for something less economical to run. I have been offered 2 (blue) ST150's already on (05) plates but ideally if i were to get one, i would like the MK6.5. I also have a clean drivers license and it has been (touch wood) since passing my test at 17 almost (22 years ago!). Anyway, thanks for the input, nice talking to ya. :)
  4. Hello everyone, i started out last year (January) buying a motorcycle for £1500.00 and swapped it for another, then another, then went back to cars citroen c4 coupe 2.0 hdi vts with a fair amount of rear quarter panel damage and now i have this wonderful (yet veeeeerrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyy slow) fiesta 1.4 tdci style with 110k but has full comprehensive service history, all past mots and in fab condition (no trolley dinks whatsoever) 1 previous owner and has mot till oct 13 and (£30) tax till end of may. All past mot certs with no advisories. I will post pics of how it was when i got it (had already detailed it tho in pics, then i added the following 17" momo warrior alloys (mint) heko wind deflectors 4x new genuine mud flaps and i have "de-tangoed" the headlights. I am a 38 year old !Removed! so the car suits me really lol, and i am being a little mean saying how slow she is as really for around 6o-odd bhp she is quite nippy when i need her to be :) Anyway, here goes.......... NOT BAD REALLY TO SAY A £3K CAR STANDS ME AT £1500.00 :) (WHEN I GOT HER 0155/0157/0158) (now 1 WEEK LATER THE REST) TO DO LIST....... Lower 30-40mm stubby alloy aerial "somehow" colour code door bump strips"?? maybe later get st kit bumpers etc? OR......let it go and buy a zetec s/st 150??
  5. Hi All

    hi all here's my mondeo tdci 130 hmmm documented anyway ;) (heeheehee) 6 speed ghia. New and wanting to say hi all ford lovers. mondeo repic.bmp