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  1. Happy Birthday billy aldred!

  2. Fiesta Mk6 Mpg

    Hi, i have a fiesta mk6 2003 zetec, im getting about 25 - 35 miles to each bar, and about 285miles on a full tank, i only drive to work and back about 5 miles each way and am quite heavy footed is this average ?
  3. Fiesta Stereo

    hi, you can put most stereos in your car you just need to get a different fascia or adaptor, if you take it to your local car audio shop they will probably fit any stereo and they will fit it and install a new fascia, i replaced my ford fiesta mk6 standard stereo with double din pioneer here are some pictures of your car with different stereos - http://www.zetecs.com/forum-viewtopic.asp?f=18&g=3&t=8018 Hope that helped
  4. hello, the other day i was driving and i went up the curb at about 15 - 25 mph and it popped my tyre and i had to put the spare on, i drove home ( about 50miles) in the morning i noticed my wheel was on an angle, so i took it to my local garage to be checked out, they phoned me up later that day and said that i needed 2 new alloys (although only one of me wheels went up on the curb) i needed a new shock, hub and my wish bone has snapped. and they said it will cost £1250 to be fixed!!!! my car drove fine, didnt go off to an angle or anything. and when i took my wheel off everything looked fine and was all secure. all i want to know is are they ripping me off ? or lying to me to make money ? could all this really happen because of going up the curb ? could anyone please help me thanks billy
  5. Rear Plastic Window

    hello could i please have the website for the plastic polish, thanks
  6. hello thanks ... but could anyone explain to me how to do this as i dont really want to pay out £20 for a haynes manual.. thanks
  7. Hello i would like to upgrade my speakers in my ford fiesta zetec 2003 but dont know how to get the door panel off to get to it ?? hope someone can help thanks.