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  1. Ver Bad Clatter At Higher Revs

    Engine is officially dead. The head has been destroyed by two valves exploding, ripped through the head compeltely. Two pistons are also very badly pitted where the valves must have been hitting. Can't believe it ran for over two weeks like that before finally giving up, without any ill-effects, other than noise. Bizarre. Is it worth getting a replacement engine, or just let it go whole for spares? By the time I've sourced another engine and had it put in I could have bought another car, surely?
  2. Ver Bad Clatter At Higher Revs

    Well, engine decided to seize at 70mph on Friday!! Managed to coast to a layby and get towed home, engine won't turn over, so looks like a valve has hit a piston. I can only assume that when the tensioner broke the timing must have moved badly, but then moved back, cos' the timing was spot on!! Not even sure this is possible... Strange that I've been driving it for 2 weeks like that though, with no loss in performance. So it's being stripped today to confirm what's what, then see how much wonga it's gonna cost me. Might not be worth it on a £900 car. Anyone know how much I'd get if I sold it whole as spares & repair?
  3. Ver Bad Clatter At Higher Revs

    Cover was cleaned out when the timing was checked. Even a Ford technician thinks it's timing related. Could it be 360 degs out perhaps, or would this definitely cause the valves to hit? Doesn't the crank need to rotate 720degs for the cam to rotate 360degs? It's really annoying to say the least, let alone embarrassing to drive!
  4. Ver Bad Clatter At Higher Revs

    I have an Escort 1.8TD with 55k on the clock, had a cambelt done at 48k (previous owner). Last week the cambelt tensioner decided to spit it's bearing out without warning at idle (engine started clattering really badly). Had a new one fitted, but the clattering, particularly at higher revs, is still there and pretty horrendous. I thought it was perhaps the timing, maybe the belt had jumped, as the clattering sounds out-of-sync with the rest of the engine noise. Timing was checked, no problem, spot on, any ideas what else it could be? There's no real loss in performance (if you can call it that), not misfiring, no smoke, turbo kicks in a treat, but this has got me stumped. If a valve had hit the piston then it would either not run at all or run badly, which it's not, apart from the noise. It's just strange that it should happen after the tensioner went, making me think there's mechanical damage somewhere.