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  1. I miss my little fiesta. Yes, I called it the black beauty. Sadly, got written off 9 months ago. Before and after pictures attached. Used to make me cringe but I'm over it. And I'm looking for a new fiesta now. Damn, I got so much real life driving stats on this car. Was a 1.6 TDCI. There were some engine difference over 1.4 TDCI which made me buy the 1.6 TDCI. On a full tank of diesel. I got 647 miles. I wanted to test the best MPG. I used to do around 40 miles around commute and the roads were always clear.
  2. Auto Fold Mirrors

    the mirror has started clicking again.This fix no longer works this is third time ive had to do this fix. I think the wing is knacked now.
  3. Rear Silencer

    I need advice on my rear silencer. I discovered rust n crack on the rear silencer.
  4. Rear Silencer

    Fiesta 1.6 tdci Mk6.5 I need advice on my rear silencer. I discovered rust and crack on the rear silencer. I have attached an image. Is this repairable or is this a replacement? What is would be a guide price for replacement or repair? Any advice will be appreciated.
  5. Auto Fold Mirrors

    Shaz44733 thanks for instructions. Last month my driver side wing started clicking and commonly I was also waiting for the weather to improve. This does work I opened the mirror control panel and after few attempts of disconnecting and unfolding the clicking stopped. Carl, the mirror control panel is on the driver side door with the joy stick. That panel comes off without any screws. Loop is basically connection and wires. You will see only one connection. If u need help info let me know
  6. Cost Of New Key?

    I lost my remote key and the best way to replace was to get an auto locksmith to program a manual key. Cost £55. Then I bought a second hand key from eBay cost £12, also bought new casing and new key blade cost £5. Timpson to cut key blade £5. Then program it yourself as I had two keys at that point.
  7. Add Additional Lights

    Fiesta 1.6 TDCi zetec climate. Colour: panther black Hello, I recently purchased osram intense blue xenon headlights and side lights. And I can tell everyone it does look the part. Having done this I will change rest of the bulbs I.e interior, number plate and boot light to cool white look. The help I require is to add additional lighting. One on right hand side in the boot and two lights in the back passenger area. The requirement must be the lights work alongside existing lights I.e when door or boot is opened the light comes on. I will also need help sourcing parts and wires etc. Regards Suraj
  8. Fuel Filter Change

    Model: Fiesta Engine: 1.6 TDCI Year: 2007 I have been servicing my car myself i.e Oil change, Oil filter, Air filter, Pollen filter. This year i need to change the fuel filter, i have never done this. I need pointers on how to change the fuel filter successfully and whether i need any special tools to carry out this change. Last thing i want is the car not starting due to fuel starvation.
  9. New Key

    Thanks for the instructions, worked first time every time. I programmed 2 extra keys costing in total of £28. From ebay I won a bid for a used remote FOB for £10 inc del.(make sure it has a carbon chip). And I bought new FOB case and blank key blade for £5. I transfered the insides of the used fob to the new casing. Also on ebay a seller was selling a brand key ford OE manual key for £3 with carbon chip. I thought it was to good to be true but yet i bought one cos it was only 3 quid. This key works. I got both key blades cut from Timpsons for £10.
  10. New Key

    im after some help/instructions on how to add an additional keys which will allow the engine to start. I have 2 keys already and wish to add another due to multiple users in household for my fiesta. I have seen a uncut key on ebay and have already inquired at locksmith who will cut the key. I have been informed with ford cars you can add an additional key as long as the two keys are present. model: Fiesta MK6.5 (2007)
  11. Engine And Transmission Light

    I received the odb cable yesterday and loaded few software and its great. I been testing the live data and the great thing is it has ability to read the error codes and clear them. i will be messing around with this all weekend.
  12. Engine And Transmission Light

    I got my car booked in at my local ford dealer to get the engine and transmission light checked out. They repaired the problem by replacing the glow plugs and the glow plug relay, the good thing was it was done under the warranty. If anyone know in a diesel especially my 1.6 TDCI MK6 that when do the glow plug get used? my understanding was only in cool temperature but know i like to know approx how cold the temperature requires to be.
  13. How Many Miles Has Your Fiesta Done ?

    I bought my fiesta in December 2007 brand car. I have only done 25k.
  14. I have a Mk 6.5 2007 zetec climate. With technology pack. I have read that you may make some dealers options active. I would like suggestion on if we can make any options active in either making small MODs or accessing the car computer? These suggestion can be small or big. Thank You.
  15. Very First Ford Fiesta

    lol - the flash will damage the paint work. I turned off the flash for the above pictures, if i had a good angle the pictures would have come out quite good. Yeah its to keep the flow of people going there? The entrance price is £9 which is reasonable. visit the website - the website isnt fancy but its got all the info you need. http://www.caistercastle.co.uk/cms/index.php