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  1. Hi just joined today, Looking for anybody who has had an engine management light on due to a fault with the inlet manifold+module block.Local Ford garage tells me common problem due to been made of plastic,seems kinda crazy to me, Anyway the main reason for added this topic was also wondering if anyone found there Ford dealerships lacking in good after sales/servicing.I love my st170 and was also about to change to the new st-3,but since buying my car from ford have had completely rubbish incompetent service from them and another local dealership,since day 1 of buying 1,Car wasn't ready when arranged to pick it up had to wait extra 2 days. 2,salesman assured me it was 'mint' but found paint missing from bumper rubbing strips, 3 large dent marks were doors had been opened onto it. 3,salesman forgot to take payment i drove away without paying,this helped me get dents repaired free.Without car for 3 days though. 4,Pollen filter cover not fitted properly,water in passenger footwell. 5,Sold some mats which were for a mondeo. 6,Recently priced up new Disc's and pads was given standard focus price which is half the cost, Decided to change dealerships when engine management light came on,they diagnosed the inlet manifold+module block needed to be changed £550 promised to have it ready for 12 o'clock today,just been told Parts haven't even been ordered,should be ready tonight now,I live in hope. This type of service kinda scares me from buying a ford ever again,they frustrated the life out of me thanks for listening really needed a rant.
  2. Focus engine warning light?

    Hi just joined today, Have had same problem with my st170 engine managemaent light on after service they had serviced and changed spark plugs,apparently didn't get a lead back on correctly,they reset fault light no charge. hope you had some luck.