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  1. Why doesn’t the alarm go off if you open the tailgate? Seems a major vulnerability? Does the ultrasonic not work in that case?
  2. Thanks, that makes sense. I wonder why they failed? Maybe got disturbed? It was lunchtime in a city centre car park.
  3. Hi all, first post here. A strange thing has just happened and I wonder if anyone has a view as to why and if there is something more sinister afoot? My wife parked her 2015 Titanium X in a multi storey today. Only for less than an hour. when we returned the door was unlocked and she thought she had forgotten to lock it, but then noticed half the back seat was down. Further investigation showed the parcel shelf was also gone, which I then found had been left on the floor behind the car. Nothing inside had been taken though. There was not much but an old style Tom Tom an expensive jacket and a set of house key, all left. The coin tray under the wheel was also left open. The door barrel was damaged and the cowl around it came off. I tried the emergency key in the lock and it doesn’t seem to work, so is suspect that is how they got in. It is keyless though so I thought it may have been by a scanner. It must have set the alarm off if they went in the door? I thought they were looking for coins in the tray but then it occurred to me the OBD port is in there so they may have been after that? All seems a bit strange. Am I going to find the car gone from the drive tonight as they have done something with the port? Any advice or thoughts would be most welcome. TIA
  4. Welcome to Ford Owners Club - Ford Forums. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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