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  1. Can A Cycle Rack Be Fitted To The Tailgate?

    High carrier : So, it IS possible with the standard spoiler ...
  2. Mk7 Rear Taillight Removal

    At he back of the light there is some kind of plastic butterfly nut. You have to remove part of the lining to get there.
  3. Cruise Control

    Pfff, Ford and their helping hands once a car is sold and paid for .... zero, nada, ... I am happy I got my cruise control as an option on my Econetic. It's alot more accurate to maintain speed than my own foot. Consumption with cruisecontrol is always much better than trying to the same with my foot.
  4. Ordered Some Stuff...

    The mud spray on the first picture was on the car before I added the mudflaps, now that is alot less, say gone.
  5. What Fuel Do You Use?

    MAES, a private local distributor with +/- 30 fuel stations. Otherwise SHELL ( at our Carrefour supermarkets )
  6. Mk 7 1.6 Tdci (95Bhp) Mpg Issues, Anyone Else?

    My numbers ( converted to UK style ): Last trip from Antwerp to Bucuresti and back : I only started to drive 100 % economical after 6 months coz everyone told me to " drive the car/engine in ". I still regret not to have done it from day one ...
  7. Titanium Trim

    Cheaper site for those things : http://www.ebay.com/itm/Ford-Fiesta-2008-10-Chrome-Side-Window-Full-Trim-Set-/330530576827?hash=item4cf52859bb&item=330530576827&pt=LH_DefaultDomain_100&vxp=mtr
  8. They are clear, except the black ones. Finiscodes : 5-doors : 1 624 3731 and 1 543 0731 3-doors : 1 624 3741 and 1 543 0771 yes, left and right side have diff. numbers (and diff. prices sometimes). Ford " forgot " those on the first 2009 series and then published TSI 58/2009 on Ford Etis, to correct it for free.
  9. Fitting Side Skirts

    Another helpfull video : It's the american style fiesta and skirts but it's about the technique. (skirts are different, no use of end-caps behind the front wheel )
  10. Fitting Side Skirts

    Don't drill holes, just remove the yellow pin-clips and put glue on the black supports. The manual DOES refer to the specific Ford workplace guide to drill the holes. So either you ask your ford dealer the guide or you don't use the yellow clips. It' s the same as with those rear corner plastics for the sport diffusor, Ford will make holes and use the clips to fit them ( + glue of course ). But when fitted afterwards, Ford advises to cut the clips and only glue them on those places.