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  1. Throttle

    no my freind , i am sorry for miss-understanding. but the guy there in the garage has played with the throttle i came back to the garage they didnt admit of touching the throttle. they told we didnt do anything to the throttle. but i discovered this when i pushed the pedal i felt it become heavier, then i came sure they played with the throttle. also when i drove the car i found problem when shifting ( my focus is automatic gear). i will explain in more: now suppose i am driving my car and the gear now is 4 , then suppose i cick the pedal down, then the car will shift to 3 and the RPM will raise to 6 in order to push the car then the car will automatically will shift to 4. but now after problem in throttle, when i cick down the car dont shift even the RPM raise to 7. i am trying to adjust the throttle to make it softer to the original state ( i will do this when i am at home at off day). thanks for all of u.
  2. Throttle

    i have visited blurtit.com and i got the comprehensive answer, many experts there.
  3. Throttle

    Dear all i am a newbie. i have focus 2007 . i took it to grage to clean feuel filter, but the guy there for some reason adjusted the throttle, now i feel the throttle become heavier when i click it, also this makes problem for gear shifting and especailly cick down( the RPM goes very high and the gear dont shift). so please any one can tell me from where i can manually adjust the throttle screw or cable, i am sure there is hand adjustment for throttle calibration. Regards to all