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  1. Happy Birthday andyroo89!

  2. thanks, so far ive given the engine a full rebuild (bearings etc) apart from piston rings because it had only done 50 odd thousand. cyl head has been ported + polished and had valve stems ground away, also i reshaped the inside of the intake manifold and throttle body and finished the whole engine in por15 ford enamel blue :) just rebuilding it now! thinking about using a 1.6 (maybe larger) throttle body and also adapting filter box and the plastic bit over the engine. i never saw the point in honing the pistons? doesnt it just wear the bores + rings away even more? and yeah its an efi so think the webbers might need an ecu tune..
  3. Hello, ive got a fiesta mark 6 1.4 zetec and i am deciding what engine to drop into it. im thinking a 2 litre either from a slightly older ford (blacktop) or a duratec engine from a newer ford. are the looms 100% compatable so i could just change the ecu and the engine and the coded key would still work or would i need the key aswell? or possibly fitting a whole new loom? i have a 1.4 duratec engine at the moment. just really need to know what would need to be changed over to swap the engine! thanks! andy
  4. i would like to add a turbo but il be paying lots on insurance for it.. arent any parts interchangable with other engines? thanks andy
  5. Hello ive got a 1994 1.4 cvh engine, ive spent about a month removing any excess metal from the engine bay (must be coming up to 1kg or 2..) and doing a bit of powerflowing on everything i can find to do it on. im looking to get the crank and flywheel lightened but aparantly the crank will cost a lot of money.. does anyone know any cheaper companys that do this? been searching for hours but not getting many results. i may just have to stick with polishing it.. i was going to get the head ported but i think i might just polish it up myself to save 250!!! im also wondering if the 1.4 cvh has any interchangable parts.. cranks heads etc.. nothing that requires significant engineering though. i know most people wouldnt bother doing any of this to a 1.4 but i have an rs1800 at the moment that i will be selling soon and im not replacing an rs with a 1.4 without giving the 1.4 a few more horses. please let me know ANY suggestions.. obviously exhausts sports cats & k&ns i know about. thanks! andy
  6. still not got the air leak fixed but shes still got some grunt in 4th!! i f**king hate slow drivers!! lol AJ
  7. no, just breather filter and thats it. its showing as an air leak because of the mass flow but i cant find it for the life of me!!!
  8. anybody please? its doing 12.5 to the gallon with mass flow unplugged (wont run with mass)
  9. Hello i have an rs1800 and it has an air leak (unplugged mass flow and it runs) when mass flow is plugged in it bounces from 200rpm ish to 1500rpm and usually cuts out a lot and is VERY juddery when revving. i have checked the mass flow, the intake L shaped bit of piping on top of the rocker cover, i have removed and refitted throttle body with a bit of added grease on the gasket, pushed the vacuum pipe for the brake servo in where it connects to the manifold, blocked off both the exhaust gas recirculation and the supply to what i think is the carbon filter on the front O/S just behind the side of the bumper, unplugged the throttle position sensor erm and unplugged the air pressure sensor in the back of the manifold... AND STILL NO CHANGE!!!! does anyone know what it could be? thanks! andy
  10. Hello i fitted an rs1800 engine to my 1.6 Si today, all the connections seem to be EXACTLY the same. engine was fitted and i tested it on the 1.6 ECU just to make sure it turned/started fine. it did. fitted RS1800 ECU with steering column and it will NOT run, petrol is getting to the cylinder but a spark isnt (not to sure about the spark because it was balanced and fell off but should have seen it anyway. i was wondering if anyone knew why that was? all i could think is the wiring to the ECU's may be different?? if so does anyone PLEASE know how to modify it so it runs. its running on the 1.6 ECU at the moment but its chugging stalling the lot. thanks! andy
  11. nice shiney car! and from leicester! andy
  12. i replaced my headunit by making my own pannel round it, you could wire it into the original headunit but ive never done it that way so i wouldnt know. i think you might be able to get a replacement dash pannel so you can put a normal headunit in..? andy
  13. plugs should be fine, check a couple to make sure, one from cylinder 1 or 4 and one from cylinder 2 or 3 andy
  14. oh fair enough not been in one of them yet, if they are anything like the mk6 it should fly round corners!!! yeah true i did with my mk3 fez, i limited it to 3000 aswell for while i ran it in to kill any thought of ragging it. i think 1000 miles is a bit much though.. i did a few hundred and it runs fine now. andy
  15. yeah small world! nice cars! i drive round my 1.6 si project at the moment but ive also got a honda crx but one of the first 4, an rs1800, i had a 2003 fiesta which i sold to go back to older cars and a golf 1.8 thats fast ish. is it the latest shape or the 02-08 shape? my 03 zetec handled so well!! andy