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  1. Hey everyone. I'm not an active member and only come on here asking for advice so here i am asking for advice. I've got a 60 plate fiesta and I've been having a bit of trouble with steering wheel wobble and vibration. After having the fronts balanced up it still had the vibrations so i swapped the backs to the front and this cured the problem. After inspecting the tyres which were heavily worn on the inside shoulder on both sides it seems the left alloy is slightly buckled which has been giving me problems. I got the tyres replaced on the back and i thought would be the end of it.. but no, the car came back not feeling my car and found that the steering felt light and heavy at the same time and the steering wheel is round to the right by about 5 - 10 degrees so if i put the steering wheel dead straight so that the volume and cruise control buttons are inline with each other the car verges to the left. I sent the car back for tracking however now its all tracked up correctly the steering wheel hasn't changed, its still 5 - 10 degrees to the right. I jumped on the motorway yesterday to see how things were at speed and at one point the motorway verges round the left slightly and whilst going through the corner the steering wheel was straight and the car took the corner. Surely if the steering wheel was straight the car should have gone straight. Can i do this my self by adjusting the toe rods or does a garage need to do this? I don't want to keep going back to a garage as they cant get it right, i'd rather do it my self. I have seen this article on line http://www.e90post.com/forums/showthread.php?t=749585 which shows what to do. Surely its just a case of making sure the steering wheel is dead straight and turn on rod one way and the other the otherway. Thanks
  2. Samsung S4 And 60 Plate Fiesta Problem

    Thanks for all the suggestions. I found out what it was this morning. In the car system i went to phone > waited for phone book to display > selected adnd got a blank screen. I decided to press the up arrow a few times and what showed, all my contacts. So now i know that the phonebook is showing but it shows the very bottom of the list which is a bit backwards if you ask me.
  3. Samsung S4 And 60 Plate Fiesta Problem

    Ive tried the unsyncing and syncing my phone. Would be interested in knowing how to reset the unit.
  4. Hi everyone. Don't usually post but thought this would be the best place to ask. Ive got a 60 plate titanium fiesta with the black bluetooth stereo (the one with the green answer and red hangup buttons and blue display) and a samsung S4. There is no problem with the phone connecting to the car and using the phone to make and receive calls but i get an error that says "error reading bluetooth device" and cannot view the phone book of the phone. Is this something i can fix? Thansk everyone!
  5. Chipped Paintwork...not Happy

    Ok, it might not look much but it stands out like a sore thumb
  6. Chipped Paintwork...not Happy

    Thanks, i dont suppose you know how much it will cost do you? I think it should be a rule that people who dont care about their vehicles should leave one extra space. And if i could post a pic i would but i have to upload it to a hosting site first...
  7. Some A.Hole has managed to chip my paint work on the drivers door with what looks like their door, I havent even had the car a month! The mark stands out like a sore thumb and was wondering if anyone can recommend on how to not make it seen so easily. I have put some lacquer on it already as it has taken the top layer off. Would anyone suggest using touch up paint?
  8. I have a Nokia N79 and when i try to call someone via the bluetooth in the car it says Directory empty but yet it displays who is calling when someone rings. Is there a way to transfer the names over or is it a case my phone is too old? Thanks
  9. Fiesta Zetec 1.4 Feels A Bit Flat

    Ive just bought a 1.4 titanium and its great... no problems what so ever. Im getting about 43 ~ 45mpg around town in a petrol version.
  10. Light Question

    Im liking the blue in the footwells :)
  11. Fiesta 1.25 Or 1.4 - Petrol Versions

    Jamie I will post some up when i get it... im collecting it tomorrow (tuesday) evening. "Congratulations on the purchase! What colour/options did you go for? I'm sure you'll enjoy your new car :)" I didnt get anything special, just whatever comes with the titanium. Its not got the leather interior though, which to be fair im not bothered about as its too cold in winter and too sticky in summer but has got the black sony stereo in it which is what i have been after. I have bought the car secondhand and its a silver one. I was looking for the vision one but there arent many of them around.
  12. Fiesta 1.25 Or 1.4 - Petrol Versions

    Thanks for all the posts guys. I bit the bullet and bought a 1.4 titanium on a 60 plate (nov 2010), ok a bit more than i planned but its got everything apart from leather seats and only 1900 on the clock
  13. Fiesta 1.25 Or 1.4 - Petrol Versions

    Thanks for the replies on the petrol/diesel thing.. now back to the initial question.. 1.25 or 1.4... ??? the 1.4 will be better with more people in but ive heard its actually about a 1350
  14. Fiesta 1.25 Or 1.4 - Petrol Versions

    Ok, thanks for the replies. Just to throw this into the mix.. What do people think about owning a 1.4 diesel and only doing about 5 miles a day and the odd long distance journey? Would it be worth getting a petrol for that? Thanks
  15. Fiesta 1.25 Or 1.4 - Petrol Versions

    Thanks for the figures even if they arent official. I didnt know they were changing the insurance groups..