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  1. Should these just be a straight swap for the factory units alread installed?
  2. Man v Red Bull is about to begin! Nightshift....

  3. Celtic bought Wanyama for £900,000 and are about to sell him for £12.5m, that, Mr Murray is how you do business

  4. Two hours to go...Mondays are !Removed! banter...

  5. Two hours to go...Mondays are !Removed! banter...

  6. Apprentice Shipwright at Babcock Marine at Rosyth Dockyard...hopefully about to qualify :)
  7. Planes about to take off for Spain, no better feeling...

  8. Could somebody post a link to the hose they used to connect the non return valves to the jet, i bought 4mm dia stuff off ebay but it seems to loose a connection, so i figured someone on here could give us a nudge in the right direction, Ta very much,
  9. Commentators who still pronounce J in Juventus should be handed their P45...

  10. What about the likes of Tesco performance fuel for example - my trip computer gives me a much better range whenever i fill up with that - which isnt very often, usually just if i'm in Inverness because Shell is ridiculously expensive up there - i usually use Shell Regular.... How does the trip computer calculate the distance to empty just out of curiosity?
  11. When Richard Gordon from Sportscene is the 'celebrity' host, thats when ye ken...I know thats an old one but i thought it was quite relevant....

  12. Watching The Dark Knight Rises, absolutely love that film!

  13. Police along woodmill road at woodmill high school...

  14. Watching the episode of Still Game where Winston gets a turkey for xmas - you can only watch this when its getting near xmas....

  15. Grand Theft Auto Vice City on Android and iOs December 6th!!!! - Titties...