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  1. Headlight Problem

    This was in the end a problem with the bulbs. The filament was partially broken, so intermittently making contact. A new set of bulbs has fixed the problem.
  2. Headlight Problem

    I can only see one relay in that fusebox, and it doesn't appear to be the one. I removed it, but still hear an audible click, which seems to be coming from the passenger door, if that makes sense?!
  3. Headlight Problem

    Fuses look ok. Does anyone know where the relay is for the low beam headlights? I looked in the engine bay auxiliary fuse box, but couldn't find it.
  4. Headlight Problem

    The headlights aren't working on my '06 reg Focus 1.6 diesel. Here are the symptoms:- 1. Sidelights work ok 2. When switching to main beam (dipped) the bulbs don't come on 3. Full beam works ok 4. The bulbs appear to be ok, not blown 5. When switching from sidelights to main beam I hear an audible click (relay switching?) I haven't checked fuses, but each light is on its own fuse. Seems odd that both have gone at the same time. Anyway, the lights work on full (non-dipped) setting.
  5. You can buy generic OBD scanners, in combination with a mobile phone app. I was wondering if anyone has any recommendation on a specific one to get for best results with the Focus Mk2. Here's an example http://www.amazon.com/ELM327-Bluetooth-Diagnostic-Scanner-Scantool/dp/B0051CAE1C P.S. I did a forum search and found other threads, but they were a bit old. So re-posting this question in case someone has experience of a recent scanner that they were happy with.
  6. Focus Starting Problems

    I think you're right. Usually it would be in the garage overnight, but we have builders in so it's been on the driveway overnight. Thanks for the starting tip I wasn't aware of the need to heat up the glow plugs properly. I'll pay more attention to the dashboard icons.
  7. Focus Starting Problems

    Fuel filter was changed last July. Battery hasn't been tested. I was going to take it down to Kwik Fit for a free battery test. I also measured the voltage myself, it seemed a little under what it should be. Having said that, the battery is happily turning over the engine so I have my doubts that it's a weak battery. True, but I've driven this car since 2008 and it's always been a good starter, within a very short time after turning the key. But recently it has been struggling more, and sometimes when it's really cold, I've had to crank it for over 5 seconds.
  8. Focus Starting Problems

    It's turning over for those 3 seconds before it finally starts.
  9. Focus Starting Problems

    My '06 Focus 1.6 TDCi Sport has been having starting problems recently. The engine will turn over, but doesn't fire up for about 3-4 seconds. It's worse from cold start. The glow plugs were changed last year, and have been checked as ok this week. I would replace the battery, but not sure that is going to fix the problem, as the engine is turning over. Idling voltage measured at 13.92V across the battery terminals. Is this about right? I am reluctant to burn £100 on a new battery, to find it doesn't fix the problem. Alternator was replaced about 2 years ago. Took it into local dealer (not Ford) who said there was nothing wrong with it. However I disagree, as I've driven it for 5 years, and the car has been starting perfectly until very recently. Something is not right, but I don't know what it is. I'm also worried it's going to fail to start at some point because this has been getting gradually worse. There are no fault diagnostic codes. It's done about 88k miles. Any ideas on probable causes for this, or anything I can check before I resort to Ford dealer? Just another thing to add - I think I used to hear a humming as I turned the key (fuel pump starting up?), and I hear nothing now. Could the fuel pump have broken? Also, where is the fuel pump, because I believe that the fuel tank doesn't have an integrated pump. Is that right?
  10. I'm going to use the services of my local Suzuki dealer. Out of everyone I trust them the most. They're straight about work that needs to be done, won't do unecessary stuff, and their labour charges aren't extortionate. Plus they offer a servicing package that includes MOT. They'll use genuine Ford parts if you ask, but obviously at increased cost. So after going around the houses on this, I'll return to them. But on the DPF additive fluid thing, I'll go to Ford for that one. Thanks for all advice given.
  11. On second thoughts, I think I'll avoid Kwik Fit. Too many negative reports with them trying to add on things that don't need doing, and basic incompetance. I'll find a local independant to do it.
  12. Actually their full service looks like it covers all the important stuff on the Ford 75k service (and more), and is half the price! Thanks for that information
  13. Having looked at the service schedule, I've decided that £330 + £100 for DPF fluid topup is extortionate. I'll go to the dealer for the DPF fluid, but all the other stuff amounts to oil + filter replacement, fuel filter replacement and induction air filter replacement. All the rest is fluff which I can check myself.
  14. Focus 1.6 TDCI Sport Pity you're so far away. I would travel a bit to find a good reputable dealer who I could trust.
  15. I haven't been to a Ford dealer with my car. But for this year, and since I'll be keeping it for a few more years I thought I'd look into getting a 75k service done by an official dealer. But my experience so far has not inspired me with confidence. I want them to say - would you like us to top up the DPF additive fluid, but none has done that, and one said it didn't actually need doing on my car. Just please give me some indication that you're going to do a comprehensive job for my £330. Otherwise I'll go back to my budget service just to change the filters and oil. So, am I a fool to go to the dealers, or am I actually getting value for money?