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  1. TheStig

    Wanted Mk1 Speedo cable

    going to have a go at it sunday,not to hard a job is it?
  2. TheStig

    Wanted Mk1 Speedo cable

    cannot find any on ebay,im going to get the cable out my old mondeo for him :D
  3. TheStig

    transmission fluid leak Help!

    not coming from anywhere near the drain plug is it? hopefully its that, nice cheap fix.
  4. ok ill give that a go tomorrow morning when its cold cheers.
  5. gauge was ok again today?how long do u guys think it should take to get up to temperature?roughly? mines taking about 3-4 miles on a gd day,can take a lot longer does that sound right to u?been reading manual about taking the thermostat off,but it goes on about taking the headlight out surely i can get it out with outdoing that?
  6. hi every one,my mk3 mondeos temperature gauge is playing up a bit,sometimes it goes up and stays in center and stays there,and other times it dont move,just done 25 miles non stop driving got just about into the normal by the time i got home it was on cold when i got home i left it ticking over for a few mins and it slowly rised to center?
  7. TheStig

    Wet carpets in drivers side foot well

    by the way what u say the garage done interior out etc etc sounds over the top to me this site may help.
  8. TheStig

    Wet carpets in drivers side foot well

    i just had the same on mine but in the back footwell,took the door card off,and found the water proof membrane had come away from the door letting water into car, just had to press it back to restick it [can use silcone sealent if needed] and its been ok for a month now,don`t know if thats the problem in your case but its worth a try,very easy to do 15 min,have also heard of water coming though the pollen filter so thats worth a check.hope u fix it soon mate :)
  9. TheStig

    ford new key price?

    hi thanx for reply,i wanted to get a non remote key from ebay get it cut myself, then get ford to program it how much is 30 mins labour ? also is it right i need a key with the light blue insert?or the dark blue insert?[2002 1.8 lx mondeo] cheers dave.
  10. does anybody know roughly how much a ford dealer would charge for a new key programmed etc etc, as i only have one key would be nice to have a spare.
  11. TheStig

    Alarm problems

    i would get a new battery as they are very cheap,and c what happens.
  12. TheStig

    Heater blower direction

    no problem mate anytime :)
  13. TheStig

    WANTED - Myleene Klass

  14. TheStig

    Heater blower direction

    90% sure its the blower control,£5 on eay cannot go wrong,worth a try?
  15. TheStig

    Heater blower direction

    not sure really??does the fan speed and cold/hot knobs work?