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  1. Cheers chaps, bulbs successfully fitted (and working) and screw sorted. Used a similar bolt I have at home, for the short term. Will go to a breakers soon.
  2. Not that I’m aware of in regards to scrap yard, I’ll have a look. If there is one I’ll ask if I can knick one! I think I may have mis measured! Looks to be about 2-3MM from measuring the washer. I believe that means M2/M3.
  3. Thanks - looks like they are 6MM wide? I’ll get something similar
  4. It’s a MK3, there’s one the side of the headlight and towards the front of the car. Both are Torx. Across both headlights, that makes four 😂 I’ve got it out with pliers now, just where can I get a replacement ASAP (and cheaply)?
  5. Hello folks I am currently replacing the dipped beam bulb in my 2011 Focus, however - 1 of the 4 screws was completely seized. I tried the usual methods with WD40 etc but in the end had to drill it out. The head of the screw has come off in the process. The thread is still in the hole. I can now replace the bulbs which is good, however how do I get the thread out? I’ve tried pliers but struggle to get any traction. What can I do in the short term, is it driveable with only 1 screw head on the headlights? It’s the front screw if that matters! Also, where can I get a new screw ASAP? Anywhere on the car I can steal one from? Thank you 😊
  6. Did it feel like the steering had a bit of a “dead” zone? I think I might have a similar issue. It means I am constantly adjusting the steering.
  7. Welcome to Ford Owners Club - Ford Forums. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  8. Hi, I have a 2011 Ford Focus (Zetec) and the rear badge is heavily deteriorated, which is annoying me. It seems you can pick up replacement ones on eBay etc, but does anyone have any recommendations as to where to get one? What size is better? ideally looking to spend about £20. Looks like you can get ones that stick over the existing badge but not sure if any good? Thank you!
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