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  1. Hi All, New owner (first car ever) of the 1.25 / 82 / 5dr blazer blue fiesta model (trend). I am generally well pleased with the car so far but find it guzzles petrol. Now, I live in the countryside, work outisde city but venture to city centre say once or twice per week. I do not use highways as of yet. I have been tracking fuel consumption which worries me as the average mpg was: @ 500km = 33mpg @ 750km = 37mpg This is far off combined 49mpg the car is supposed to achieve. Now, it is rather hot in here (40C at the moment) so the aircon is working a lot but other then that I am beeing really frugal. What is your experience on this subject? Am I impatient and will I see a significant shift as I approach 2500km of usage and the engine matures? Cheers!