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  1. I do know what type of oil is my car. I have checked many times, also have sticker on my hood with written 0w20. That's not the issue. I am just wondering why 0w20, when my car is mainly driven in northern Italy. 0w20 is just strange putting it in the engine. When brand new, ofc, but when the car is 50k+ why? 5w20 is good from then on. But I would put 5w30, because, the 5w20 is usually winter oil and I see no reason using it in Italy. If I was living in Finland or the 'sunny' UK fine, but I live in a region where in the coldest period of winter it is 0+ degrees outside usually, with temps sometimes up to 10/12. While in the summer between 25 to 40 degrees. Also the summer begins from the second half of May, as that is when usually it is becoming 30degrees outside.
  2. Hello fellas, I am proud focus mk4 focus owner. My car is 06/2019 and recently i hit 62kms/38.500 miles or the so called 4th year maintanance time. Anyway, as my car is already past its warranty date I decideded that from now on I will maintain it myself doing basic service of it myself such as replacing oil, filters, pads etc. (nothing major, it is not my first time either). The thing is that my engine is 1.5tdci ecoblue 120ps, 6 speed manual. The car is without adblue and it is 6.2 emission standard. Anyway the recommended/mandatory (idk how it should be called) type of oil is 0w20 for the car and I was wondering whether I should change to 5w30. Why? The car is mostly on nice italian weather rather than snowy (so in the summer the weather can hit even 40degrees). The car is already at 40k miles, why should I drive it with so light type of oil which is typical for new engines, which are usually tight. Also thing I dont understand is that in the previous MK3 generation the 1.5tdci 120ps engine is with 5w30 and I dont think it is really different to mine. They may even be the same (i could not find information on the internet about it). So anyway, right now I put 0w20, but on my next change I am planning to do 5w30. I believe it is going to be even more suitable for the vehicle, taking in account the mileage of the vehicle. Is it a bad idea, or good idea to do it?
  3. Welcome to Ford Owners Club - Ford Forums. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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