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  1. i do like that feature, just done my food shopping and my hands was full but i still had my key in my hand, managed to press the boot door button but i still had to lift the door open. would be alot easier if i had this function.
  2. another update guys: by holding the cd button for few seconds takes you to the line-in menu. then just press play on your phone or mp3 player and the music will start playing. it works!
  3. there is a cheap kit you can buy to test the coolant if that helps.
  4. i dont know what it is either.
  5. this is what happened to mine:
  6. i have just made a thread about my leak few days ago, mine was leaking at the very same spot as yours if that 'oil' is coolant. i just changed my tank yesterday as i had a tiny crack and it was leaking on that round thing same as you. look under the tank and see if its wet.
  7. sorry i dont know. hopefully someone will come along to advise.
  8. from what i have read, the thermostat opens to let cold water in the engine so i think it is meant to drop the temp abit.
  9. after googling, it sounds like you have a faulty sensor.
  10. edit: sorry only just read your last pipe regarding your oil. have a check on the exhaust pipe when idling.
  11. i have read somewhere that if there is no obvious leak on the outside then the leak might be in the engine such as going down the cylinder through the exhaust pipe or mixing with your oil. have you checked the oil cap for any white substances? or is your exhaust blowing white smokes?
  12. apart from the heater not working, whatelse can air pockets do?
  13. all i did was change the coolant tank, im guessing hardly any air will be in engine but just wanted to make sure in case. thing is, when i started the engine, i had teh heater on full, when the gauge got to only 60, the heater was already hot. maybe i am thinking too much into it, the weather was very hot so maybe that has something to do with it?
  14. update guys: i just remembered that i still have the manual for the touchscreen satnav stereo so had a read up on it lastnight. on the manual, it says to activate aux, you just click on the aux button till the button is highlighted ( this is what i thought you had to do) then someone wrote on the manual saying that you had to press the cd button twice to select aux. i havent tried it yet but i have a feeling once i have done that then the aux will work.
  15. forgot to mention that when i started the engine, i had the coolant cap off.
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