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  1. I will try this @TomsFocus thanks buddy
  2. Morning All, yeh so I checked the fans inside through heating switches, all works as it should (hot and cold) when nothing is turned on however you can feel a lot of heat surging from somewhere, it’s tricky to identify where. The car has a new radiator but the fan looks like the original, I am yet to hear or see the fan engage. Is there any tests that can be done to check this functions? cheers peeps
  3. Evening All, Just a quick query. My fiesta is not over heating and the temp gauge levels fine but inside the cab it gets really warm?? fans blow hot and cold but there’s a surge of warmth coming from somewhere. To me it feels as though it’s coming from the main window vent, drivers footwell and behind the steering wheel. Anybody experienced this? Also the car has a brand new radiator but the fan doesn’t seem to function as far as I can tell. Could this be the problem maybe?? help much appreciated Thansk in advance Peeps
  4. The OEM box was not on. It had an induction kit on which had been seriously neglected. I have never seen a rusted filter 😵. I have reverted it to standard (box cost £25 with new filter £12) the pipe needed for inflow is minimum £45. What’s that about! just looking for alternate options if there are any. I was contemplating running a pipe to the fog light. I have tried 2 ramair 50mm pipes/ hoses but they both tore within days, so I was refunded. I may end up just leaving it although I have noticed the internal temperature has dropped since attaching another hose, it’s just there’s minimal routing space. cheers
  5. Thanks @OvEr_KiLL, I have reverted it to OEM as the pipe work and cone that we’re on it was disgusting. The cone itself was rusted so god knows how long that was on. I replaced that and then found the breather pipe was split so reverted to factory. just want to try drag some cold air in but all pipes I’ve tried so far have been doggers! Had 2 refunds from eBay as 2 hoses split within a week. effort lol
  6. Thanks @unofix that’s the one I mentioned is stupidly expensive even from brokers! Dunno what to do, I’ve attached a Inlet hose for the moment but now it’s stuttering?? confused, I mite have to re route the pipe and see how that goes.
  7. Afternoon all any suggestions on what pipe to attach not being OEM? I can’t afford one at the moment as for some reason there really expensive! it’s for the air Inlet pictured (pink square) it’s a fiesta mk6, I have tried 2 pipes so far but there is nowhere to run them too??? Both of old cars 50mm diameter. They fit nice in the box but nowhere to suffice air inlet. thanks in advance
  8. Your not wrong lol 😂 jeez now I am confused, I going to have to try grab a photo at some point. Mines nothing like that, it looks like the metal breather valve. After all this it could just be that it’s stuck maybe?? oh man.
  9. Thanks you @TomsFocus would you have any advice on the above? I’m uncertain if the valve and ring on red actually produce blue? Or is that the attachment lol thanks again BTW I apologise for my lack of knowledge.
  10. So on the below is the blue item and red item 2 different components? If so the car doesn’t have the valve to begin with! (Red I think) Also if so the PVC valve I have would not fit over the blue squared item? the pipe is ok just the valve confusion now. thanks
  11. @TomsFocus cheers for that, would you know if either be used? It looked like the metal fitment was none removable but I will check again when I get the time. Thank You
  12. Morning all thanks for the advice. I can get the pipe to fit but the plastic valve doesn’t fit into the metal part listed green above. Do they all need the breather valve because there isn’t one on this. Just the metal part which looks none removable. I have tried to get a picture but it’s proving difficult without removing the manifold. cheers folks
  13. Oh sorry if it’s as the log book states then it’s a 1.25. 😊
  14. Hi, yes the one pictured is the one I pulled off. The one I ordered 1761516 was not even close to fitting. The metal Valve looks to be solid also and none removable? for the reset do you fully turn the car over and not touch the pedals for a minute then just turn off? Or is it power on, engine on, idle for a minute then turn off? thanks In advance
  15. I’m so confused because the breather pipe ordered doesn’t fit, the one above does. Maybe it’s got a different engine in it?? I dunno but the oil valve doesn’t fit the green part listed above either. propper confused @tomfocus lol I ain’t a car buff, it’s actually first car I have had to do maintenance on TBH thanks
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