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  1. Just glad all working as I was quote £60 diagnostic test and horn supplied and fitted £160 by ford Arnold Clark even though horn was replace 14 month ago and warranty was only 2 month out, not pleased by ford but that’s the situation.
  2. Horn back working. It was easier to remove headlamp(2 screws) to access horn area. I check that 12volts at connection from car and can only think of a bad connection from horn, not sure but I herd a horn noise when connecting fuse back together, very strange as the horn was not connected, are they another horn.
  3. Both fuses working. And horn tested working again before refitting.
  4. I have not checked fuse number 37, so I will check tonight even though it states moonroof. I check the fuse 15 (horn before) and one fuse at the passenger seat well that stated alarm horn (all good). I will check tonight and provide update as I am not keen on stripping the out steering wheel as this has the air bag printed on it.
  5. Tested horn and it works from car battery when linking with wires. back checking fuses and may have to look at switch on steering wheel, all other controls work on the steering wheel.
  6. I managed to find and remove horn, under drivers headlamp. I removed under carriage and used a 10mm socket and removed one horm. are they any other suppliers to fit this connection or does it have to be the same ford 2019 exoboost focus model.
  7. Would pressing the keys on central locking x2 activate horn, 2019 model eco boost
  8. Do you know where the horn is located and easily removed to check
  9. I have a horn that has stopped working and all fuses are okay and just need to locate the relay. Possible horn faulty so will need to find out how to replace if its not the relay.
  10. Welcome to Ford Owners Club - Ford Forums. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  11. Hi, horn stopped working on mk4 focus, fuses all good but where is the relay so I can check and is it easy to replace horn if found faulty.
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