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  1. Gearbox Oil Leak

    I visited a ford dealership recently and of the 10 fiestas they had 5 were damp in the same place as mine, it is not a leak as in a drip it just seems to seep out slowly.
  2. Gearbox Oil Leak

    Its definitely not the filler plug that has been checked and is tight, i have been told it is most likely to be a selector shaft oil seal that is weeping (apparently a common problem) if it is a common problem someone here must have had the job done and can give me the info.
  3. Gearbox Oil Leak

    I have a 05 fiesta and have noticed a slight oil leak coming from under the black plastic cover that covers the selector shafts and filler plug on the right hand side of the Gearbox. I have searched the internet and have come across a others who have posted the same question, could the members here tell me if it is a common problem and how much it costs to fix it. (parts and labour) Does the gearbox have to be removed? Thanks in advance.
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