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  1. Damon

    Lower On 16S Or Upgrade To 17S??

    ahh right, ah well, go up to 18s mate lol probably wont b able to lower it much tho, but with wheels that big, wont need to.
  2. Damon

    Lower On 16S Or Upgrade To 17S??

    18's would work yeah, and look really good actually but won't that knock his speedometer out of sync?
  3. Damon

    Lower On 16S Or Upgrade To 17S??

    personally, I would stick 17's on, but still lower it, but not slam it. would look awesome mate
  4. Damon

    New To The Site

    Welcome to the club mate, Love what you've done with your car :)
  5. Damon

    New Member, Hi There!

    Welcome to the club mate, My first car was a vauxhall too, since then I've had 2 fords and an Aygo lol, never regretted switchin to fords
  6. Damon

    New Member Escort Estate 1988

    nice! well unfortunately i have no idea about workin on cars, altho I intend to learn eventually lol, would a junk yard or something be able to get hold of a roof for ya, or a roof panel big enough to cover up the sun roof gap? bit o wieldin, b oryt haha. but I hope it all works out for ya mate
  7. Damon


    DamonGTR - Xbox Live Goin through a MW3 phase, but mostly play Forza 4 :D
  8. Damon

    New Member Escort Estate 1988

    Welcome mate, Whats ya plans for it?
  9. Hi guys, Started this account last year, but not been on much. but i've come back, and hoping to attend some meets, im in the northeast, but theres rarely any meets up here :( So if there are any big meets (not as big as Ford Fair etc.) but more than like.. 5 people, i'd be willing to travel down or up the country to meet u guys. Some new pictures of my car, I drive a special edition Ford Fiesta Code Red (50 were made) not the fastest car in the world, only a 1.25L but it looks awesome (well I think it does anyways) Here are a couple of pictures. Thanks guys :)
  10. Damon

    Mk 7 Ford Fiesta Fuel Warning Light

    ahhh right, ok thanks alot for the reply, i appreciate it! :)
  11. Damon

    Mk 7 Ford Fiesta Fuel Warning Light

    ohh right?? just a bit confused to why its on, since im not low on fuel :/
  12. Hi all, Just wondering about a light on my dash, obviously i know about the fuel warning light, but i've got the fuel warning light on, but has a small red circle with a diagonal line running through it. but ive got half a tank of fuel in. can any1 please tell me what the problem is? Thanks very very much in advance Thanks :D
  13. Damon


    Hi all, I've been a member since July 2010, but I never came on much (dont know why). Anyways, I'm back now, and with a new car, just got a Limited Edition Ford Fiesta Code Red. I've had it exactly 1 week now, very pleased with it.. will have a browse through the forums, pictures etc. I hope every1 enjoys their weekend :) Thanks