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  1. Dear All, I hope you are all well. I am running a Formula Ford with a Kent 1.6 engine. (Standard cam/crank/lightened flywheel/dissy replaced with electronic ignition) We have the standard 32/36 DGAV Webber and are suffering from a loss of around 16bhp in power. I put this down to a number of factors: 1. Very poor cast Intake Manifold. 2. Reverse orientation of carb due to chassis shape 3. Oversize/ill fitting carb to manifold gasket 4. Jetting and carb set-up Points 1-3 are being rectified but I was wondering if there is any tuning I can carry out in order to improve our power. All valves and seats including timing have been set accordingly. We are allowed to change the following according to the rules: 1. Jetting 2. Opening of venturi/throttle together 3. Remove cold start and diffuser bar 4. Fit anti-surge pipes We are not allowed to blue print/polishing or reprofile the carb. Any help would be appreciated I want to get the best out of our carb and engine. JP
  2. Hello All, Has no one got any opinions or advice on this one? I have since ordered the new correct carb - DGV (Manual Choke) Anyone have any advise on best settings/jetting with a Formula Ford Kent engine? Many thanks JP