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  1. Firstly, sorry if it's been mentioned before. Secondly, I have no words....
  2. So my previous 2019 Focus (built late 2018) had 2 lights, either side in the boot. I've just got home with my new 2019 (built late 2019), opened the boot and noticed it only had one! Firstly, why?? Secondly, do you reckon the wiring is still there for the second one??
  3. 2.5 hours is more than enough. Make sure you're using Cyanlabs.
  4. Well I stuck. Couldn't help it. I love the Mk4 look, and prefer it to the MK3. Really no a big fan of that Hyundai but I'm sure it would do a good job. Used to have a 12 plate ix35 which is still going strong (despite my ex's driving). And yea, the 'Eco-Boom' stories do concern me a tad, but for every scream you hear there will be many more giggles you don't. I just got unlucky with my first Focus, it had a problem that not even Ford could fix. (Well, I reckon they could but I would hate to see the bill at the end!) I got unlucky and bought a dud. It hurt and knocked me a bit. But I'm getting another one and I'll leave it to the lords of fate. This time I'm paying a bit extra for a 3 year Ford warranty for peace of mind. My advice is to do whatever you think is best based on your own personal experience.
  5. So..... deposit paid. "She so purdy..." I guess it's not goodbye then...
  6. Thanks for all the comments guys. Muchly appreciated. The Audi (which was a 1.0) was a nice really car but was let down by the lack of features (on the one I test drove) and looks wise it didn't grab me. Both my brothers have Audi's and swear by them. I know a few people with them who have never had a problem but I guess it's all based on personal experience. Put it like this, if someone handed me an A3 I wouldn't complain. I've had several Ford's previously (MK 3, Mk4 and Mk 6 Escort's) but the bountiful 'Ecoboom' stories do worry me a tad. However, I love the look of the Focus ST Line and fell in love with my old one. The ST Line X with the extra features/bigger alloys is just *chefs kiss*. I'm almost definitely going to put my name down for the Focus for one defining reason. I've got some really nice black and blue car mats sitting on my kitchen floor right now that a bought for the last car and it would be a shame to have to chuck them 🤣
  7. Went car hunting today and test drove 3 cars Focus ST-Line X - Felt exactly how I wished my old car had. Smooth as a bean will all the extras apart from a reversing cam. Mercedes A160 - Looks the part, glorious inside however, it had the power of a 1l Skoda Estelle. So disappointing. Audi A3 - Really really nice car to drive. Can't fault it apart it lacking a few fancy features. My heart says ST Line X, my head in leaning more to the sensible A3.
  8. I bought my Focus (2019 ST Line) 2 months ago and today I sadly returned it to the dealership. Now I need to pick a new car and I'm not sure if I'll get another . Why did I return it? Well 2 days after I got it, it went in limp home mode. I took it to the dealership( non ford) and no fault was found. Days later it happened again but this time I managed to get the code (P0299 - Turbo Underboost). Dealership had another look, no fault found. The problem was that everytime you restarted the car the error disappeared. The umpteenth time it happened the error was permanent. Dealership took it to Ford and a week later Ford says it was fixed. I told the dealership that if it happened again they have to take the car back. They agreed. Today (3 weeks later) it happened again. They have the car back and my refund arrives Monday... Now: I need to choose a replacement and I dunno if I can bring myself to get another Focus (would go for an ST Line X if I did) or go for something more 'reliable' like an Audi A3. I'm so disappointed by this experience but really liked the car and had tinkered a bit (installed powerfold mirrors etc) Just lost confidence and would like some words of advice from outside the bubble of my head. Thanks in advance Ps Ford 'fixing it' involved them strippng the turbo and checking all associated pipework. They said it was a software error in one of the modules so updated the software.
  9. Just an update on my Focus. Got a call from my delaship saying that Ford had been in contact and they think they have found the issue. Apparently the was a 'bug' in the PCM software which wasn't sending enough power to turbo. They have updated the PCM software. tested the car to the n'th degree and I get the car back tomorrow. I'm not sure how I feel... lol
  10. Luckily no! It's a brand new Skoda Superb. Nice car to drive but not my cup of tea. If I do get another one I'll either go for a facelift one (mhev), a 1.5 st-line x or go back to Vauxhall. I'm really starting to miss my GTC Coupe.
  11. Just wanted to add, Ford still have the car. I'm going to give them and the dealership a few more days before I say enough is enough. At least I have a courtesy car.
  12. I've only had my 2019 1.0 St Line a month. I say a month but for (does a quick mental count) 7 of those days (and counting) it's been with first the dealership (2 separate days) and now Ford (for the last week). It's got the dreaded P0299 error code and it's now stuck in limp home mode. Previously I just turned it off and on again and it was fine(ish). Ford have had it a week and have no clue as to what the problem is. It's getting to the point where I might have to give it back and look for something else..... It's a shame as it's a really nice car.
  13. Lincoln open is a feature when the mirrors only open once the drivers door has been open and closed. Useful when you're in a tight parking space. Something for another day...
  14. I've just ordered these. I'll take some pics when I get them.. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07Z395DGB
  15. UPDATE: So I found an AsBuilt file from a car with the same modules that had powerfold mirrors. I compared the PDM and DDM settings compared to mine and made adjustments. I'm pleased to say the folding mirrors worked as well as the windows! The only thing missing at the moment is the Lincoln open feature which is useful but not important at the moment. Cheers for all the assistance and subliminal points in the right direction.
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