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  1. Orange Led Looking Light By Rev Counter

    ok been on parkers guide I'm been looking into the exact model Its obviously a 1.6 tdci Zetec V% Log confirms has CO2 reading of 127g/km..... All 1.6's with this CO2 reading- models as follows:- 1.6tdci zetec (110ps) 5d (Euro 4) 1.6tdci zetec (110ps) 5d 1.6tdci zetec (110ps) 5d climate pack 1.6tdci zetec (110ps) 5d (Euro 4 & climate pack) The ones showing on facts/figures list with lower readings 'some' of them have a DPF, doesnt look like the one i'm buying has though. Can anyone confirm. But do all euro 4 compliant cars have DPF's, I would assume so as a quick fix to get the rating down.
  2. I'm about to purchase 05 reg focus tdci- newer shape. Have a query on the stereo. Will the mk3 focus stereos fit directly into the mk2's, and which mondeo units would fit aswell Help would be much appreciated
  3. Hi guys, About to start ford ownership I am looking at purchasing a focus tdci 1.6, think its a zetec, the climate version with 72k. There is a orange led size light that was showing next to the the rev counter clock- but just outside of the ring- to the left of the digital odometer. Next to the '6' of the 6000rpm marker. What does this mean?? Is this a good focus to go for, generally, as in faults wise? thanks