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  1. Ohh you underestimate my ability to screw things upLOL I guess it could be. Had a c5 years ago that always would have intermittent lights that would pop up for a day or so and then go off. Not enough to take it in but would have been interesting to see what was being a *****.
  2. Would be nice if there was. Just don't want to buy something that I know I wouldn't use again. Or use it once and lose everything and brick the car. lol
  3. Prob over a 2hr or more run from where I am, used to see someone nr bolton, made the trek over every week. Bet she aint got an ELM...
  4. I wouldn't even contemplate, for myself getting a vlinker as it would be dead money just for what could be one little job. £20 for an ELM isn't so bad but I'd pay someone that much to do the job and activate it.
  5. Still tempted but am going to see if this screen makes a difference. If not then I might make the jump to one.
  6. Hi thanks for that, have emailed tunnelrat and they are now suggesting the vlinker as the ELM327 sometimes throws up errors and the vlinker is more stable and reliable, but that is more than double the price so if I go down the route it will be the ELM327. But, I have found something else here and they are saying there is actual differences in the screens and fitting an AA6T-18B955 BL screen then brings up the required USB setting, as if the screen has a different firmware or something. My screen(having just taken it out to look is a 8A6T-18B955-BJ from 10/3/09 so an early version of the unit. Where the ones they have suggested I see are from the back end of 09 and later. I might go the route of the screen first and see how that goes. There is one on ebay that is from 24/03/11 so I'm going to take a punt on that before the ELM It's a ***** minefiled. Glad I wasn't bothered about the full upgrade to the GPS unit, lol.
  7. Hiya I have no idea. If it could be and someone with the module and files that can do it, would be great. For what it would cost me to buy a forscan I would rather pay someone with the nous who knows what they are doing to enable the USB. I have the 9 button stereo, 8m5t 19c112 AP module, usb cable is fitted, just needs turning on. Just had an email back from a local auto-electrician, webpage touting all the stuff they can do, sent a query and all I got back is 'we don't do car audio'. Wasn't asking them to do anything with the audio except to access the part of the onboard computer to turn on something that is embedded in it's coding.
  8. Ok, so finally I have all the bits and installed them(8M5t 19c112 AP BT with USB module), ford usb cable and the fascia. Have applied the update to the stereo but pressing AUX I only get line in. Does anyone nearby to Chesterfield/Mansfield have the IDS setup to be able to hook me up and activate USB so I can play music via a stick? Please let me know and how much. TIA Dave
  9. A standard USB-A won't fit into the port on the module, the metal USB end is as wide as the plastic surrounding the connector inside. It was one of the things I tried and had an oh-oh moment when I found it. The ford cable has a mini-usb end. This mates up with the next batch of 8M5T19C112 numbers that have a AX code that seems to be around AS/AT. The AK I have has the same port as the AL/AN/AM ones I have found, but there are no cables for sale anywhere. Not even for other fords that have this weird grey end and the USB on the other. Looking at them now I'm wondering it removing some of the grey plastic at the sides will let the usb go on, but as it is i can't tell if the connector board is the same width and will the connections line up. Might take my module out of the car tomorrow, open it up and see how it fits. before attempting to tinker with the module I've bought. in the pic is a an 8M5T19C112 AS module with the mini-usb the same as is on the ford cable.
  10. Anyway, recently purchased my sis' old car. In my old car i had a sony stereo that I could put my usb stick in for my music. Realised in the fiesta there is this monstrosity of a stereo system that I cannot do anything with and as it only has the voice crap module (8m5t18g488) and i want to play music from my usb again I started looking over the pages and seeing what i needed. 'Bluetooth module with USB' is what was touted everywhere. Ok, makes sense, so i would need a lead and the little usb fascia. So off to ebay. USB lead came, then the fascia, then the 8M5T19C112 arrived. Skipped out to the car, assembled the fascia, got the usb lead ready, pulled out the underdash plate, removed the cable block, put it in the new one and locked it down...then saw the module had the same proprietary plug as the one I had. Checked the labels and they had different numbers, the new one said USB. Both have the AK suffix. And apparently I need anything after AK. I've tried looking for a cable with the appropriate end but there is none anywhere. Even if I did find one or just the end and made one up, would I still be able to stream from a USB stick? Pondering on just sending the unit back for a refund and looking again. Anyone able to help or have a cable? Dave
  11. Welcome to Ford Owners Club - Ford Forums. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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