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  1. Radio Code Needed

    cnt get the serial number cant get the radio out haven got the tool
  2. Radio Code Needed

    fitted my new engine and lost radio gone off any1 help
  3. Changing Engine

    or ryt thanks mate well am just goin to put another 1.8 lump in my self or am debaitin weather to buy a 2.5 v6 and pay for it to be converted
  4. Conversion

    hey a have a 1.8 blacktop petrol mk3 mondeo and a wana convert it into a 2.5 v6 but the engine a want is out off the mk2 has any1 dun this conversion or conversion like this cause a want to no if theres any prioblems with the ecu or the wirering looms or even the littest things like engine mounts or anything really any advice will help thanks also check out my gallery got some pics up off my mondeo and how its starting to take shape
  5. Mondeo Mk3 1.8 Burning Oil

    is it making and noises or rattles ??
  6. Changing Engine

    hey any 1 help av blew the bottom end off my 1.8 petrol blacktop and want to know if a put a 2 litre lump will work with all the 1.8 ancillaries ????
  7. my mondeoo

  8. is there any difference between the silver top and the black top

  9. Changin Bulbs In The Clocks Off Mk3 Mondeo

    yea mate tht helps but i need to no how to get in at the cluster cos theres no screw hole to get the cluster out
  10. hey does any 1 no how to change the bulbs in mk3 mondeos i want to cgange the bulbs from the standard green to blue to match my custom interior ??????????