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  1. I accidently overfilled by tank till it actually came out... oops. Decided to go for a long drive to make sure the tank wasn't sitting full, and noticed my fuel gauge basically did not move for 70 odd miles and then suddenly dropped by an 8th. Is it ruined, or was the fuel float perhaps just stuck? It's an MK8 Fiesta 2019
  2. Rule of thumb is: Blue calipers: great for hot weather as they ensure cool brakes and icy temperatures (do not use in cold weather as they can freeze up) Red calipers: make the car much faster, but the brakes get hotter (using it hot weather can damage the brakes and they can actually explode) Orange: these add medium speed, but do not get as hot (can use in any weather safely) White: these are slightly cooler, but not as icy as blue calipers - a good allrounder Green: these provide good all-round use and are eco-friendly with reduced brake dust emission and increased MPG Other colours are untested
  3. Why? Thanks - good to know. Wasn't overly bothered as it's so faint, but just wondered if it could have been indicative of some kind of leak somewhere. Cheers
  4. Yes - seems like the Ecoboost has a recirculation valve. Is it supposed to be audible even if very faint?
  5. Hello. Been Googling some "issues" (may not actually be issues) I have with a recently bought approved used Ford Fiesta 2019 Titanium 1l Ecoboost (100hp) Would very much appreciate if anybody could save me as can't find answers anywhere, or at least not 100% confirming... Worth noting the car is completely stock. 1st: If I am going quite slow, and press on the accelerator, but then release it (traffic or whatever ahead), I can hear what can only be described as a very faint dump valve sound - the kind of whoosh/pssh sound you often hear with customised cars. It is only audible if I have the radio and A/C off and windows up. 2nd: when hard turning slowly (parking etc) left or right I can hear a very faint rubbing noise. Sounds a bit like the dust/heat deflectors possibly rubbing (had this on an old Peugeot), but wondered if it is perhaps just a characteristic. Again, can only hear with no radio or A/C otherwise it's too faint to hear. Many thanks in advance!
  6. Welcome to Ford Owners Club - Ford Forums. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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