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  1. Same problem with my 18 plate kuga. I can't believe Ford are getting away with this...
  2. It's astonishing that Ford are getting away with this with so many customers. My engine failed due to coolant loss which caused over heating. However Ford cannot/will not tell me what caused the loss of coolant. I've just posted an update on where I am with it now. The process is not for the faint hearted. Its beginning to really take its toll mentally and emotionally. Kara x
  3. Hi, Unfortunately I am no further forward in terms of settling the dispute. I have submitted a formal complaint to Ford executives and the complaints department who have opened a "case" regarding my vehicle. I've also opened a case with my finance company who are amidst an investigation on my behalf. I'm now 9weeks tomorrow with no car. Not holding my breath regarding a quick resolution. Next stage is the Financial and motor ombudsman but taking Ford to court is looking likely at this point. I'll be sure to post an update when I have one.
  4. I am in the exact same position with the exact same car. Ford have offered me a 40% "goodwill" gesture ehich brings my bill down to just over £5,500... It's stressful for sure.
  5. Looking for some advice... I bought a 2018 Kuga ST Line 1.5L (ecoboost) in April 2021. I had it for 11months with no issues present at all. In March of this year, as I was driving to work and an engine warning light flashes, tells me my engine is over heating and to pull over immediately. Fast forward to now, after getting a diagnostic check done at an independent garage, before putting it to Ford who came to the same conclusion- that the cylinder head is warped beyond Ford's manufacturer standard and that there's a crack in the cylinder block. Today, Ford have offered to pay 40% of the bill as a "goodwill" gesture. Which leaves me to pay an outstanding bill of £5,500...!! Where do I stand with this? Bearing in mind, the car is an 18 plate car with only 60,000 on the clock. Am I naive in thinking that Ford are more liable than they'd like to admit here... Do I fight this? Thanks, A very stressed out Ford owner.
  6. Welcome to Ford Owners Club - Ford Forums. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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