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  1. Nothing back from the service center yet, I hope they enjoy their 14 mile test run though!
  2. Sounds like some sort of loose wire. Summer months, hope we get them soon, this cold snap is doing my nut in now.
  3. When I tap near the speaker I can hear something rattling, I will update on what they say, which I imagine will be FA.
  4. Morning everyone, been a while since I checked in. Just dropped my ST off to the dealership for warranty claim. I have the following issues: Speaker rattle passenger side Car deviates at low speeds <40mph - i am fighting the steering wheel Media unit shuts down spontaneously
  5. I bet your local petrol station loves that!
  6. This is the ST version. So it's a little bit more thirsty than the other models.
  7. Get some bluctac on it. Mines not many rattles, bar the passenger side speaker distortion, which seems to have been remedied with the foam.
  8. I know a few people have been talking about speaker rattles & a noisy cabin etc. I have tested a simple solution & it works really well & doesn't involve any DIY etc. I ordered some custom cut acoustic foam to put in the door bins/well. I don't really use the door wells/bins and got them cut so they actually fit into the rear of the well/bin and stop where the mouth of the well /bin is, you don't actually see them. They are doing a great job. Happy to DM the link & dimensions if any body needs em.
  9. Hello Guys, just done a 140 round trip in my ST Auto. 36mpg (mixture of roads) And my average overall mpg is 29 over approx 550 miles (since last reset)
  10. I am still in my 'breaking in' phase - I am sure they will change. I have a motorway run on Weds, i will report back on my figures.
  11. I have a couple of other minor bits on order, will post once I get em and tested them.
  12. I got like 37mpg on a motorway run, obviously not wellying it. My average after 400 ish miles is about 27mpg.
  13. They are deffinately better quality in my opinion & do look better. However, the passenger side does not have the clip in bits. I would reccomend them, add a bit of class to the cabin along with the b&o stickers.
  14. The Matrix LEDs are excellent. I got the basic cheap none-clip matts in mine, however I have changed them for the Ford Performance ones.
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