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  4. Were Is Everone?

    im from accy no meets close any time soon?
  5. would love to come. not sure if il still have a car by that time though :( and i dont have a clue as to where it is. am from blackburn area (north west) :/
  6. Pcv Pipe?

    please can anyone show or tell me where the PCV pipe is found on a MK7 fiesta (09) thanks
  7. Popping Noise From Exhaust??

    Grim, mine dont pop =/ wud like it to tho
  8. You have failed the practice citizenship test. Questions answered correctly: 7 out of 24 (29%) Grim -.- last one out turn the lights off
  9. Popping Noise From Exhaust??

    is it a standard exhaust or aftermarket? as a de cat?
  10. The Number Picture Thread.

  11. Changes That I Have Done To My Fiesta

    i cudent get the front light cover off and the type is just temp to see if i like it i have a mate making me vynal to stick on make it look alittle better but not sure if i like it. i put nail varnish on because i can take it off alot easyer lol. iv not change any bolt arangements alloys are universal. air fillter is easy to fit if you get all right fittings. just take out the origanl air fillter box (2 allen key screws) and pull box out the big rubber washer type thing that fits behind light needs to be taken out put in the new air fillters. easy enough to do can take pics of whats needed. there are 2 diffrent types of air fillters in it.
  12. Power Folding Mirrors Broken?

    Fiestas have power folding mirrors? :o damn wish mine did :(... have you checked the fuses? and ECU connectors? and can you hear anything in the mirrors that may sound like its tring to fold them in?
  13. Word Association Game

  14. Cooling Fan On All The Time

    i dont here my fan but i do hear a few clicks when a/c is on like every 30 seconds or so. But my fan only kicks in when i put my foot to the floor.
  15. Car Stereo

    Has anyone seen one of these but for a bit less money? http://www.ieler.com/ford-fiesta-2008-special-oem-gps-dvd-all-in-one-system-8-inch-high-definition-digital-tft-lcd-touchscreen-tv-bluetooth-steering-wheel-control-usb-sd-slot-ipod-rds-radio-2gb-sd-card-gps-map-software-product-4004.html