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  1. Is anybody else still waiting for their new car to be released by Ford UK? I have now been waiting for three months for a car that still sits at the dealership.
  2. Thanks for letting us know. Hope all goes well for Saturday.
  3. Has anyone had their new car released yet or have you been told when you can get it?
  4. Was told 10 days ago by dealer that Ford UK had said final fix would be in place by 1st of August. Told today by dealer Ford still have no solution. Car still sitting in dealership unable to be registered, shocking customer care from Ford UK, I have no idea when car can be released.
  5. You can’t order a new fiesta, focus or transit. Pumas, kugas and others are sitting in dealerships unable to be registered. No communication from Ford on when things might change. How on earth can dealerships continue to operate when Ford UK won’t let them sell any new cars? Is this the start of the end for Ford UK?
  6. Dealer has told me Ford have now announced a fix date of the 1st of August, although they hope it will be sooner. My new car is still at dealership but cannot be registered until software fix. Was due to pick up car on 24th June, informed by dealer on 23rd there was a recall problem and car could not be registered.
  7. Dealer phoned again today, they were told yesterday Ford boffins still working on software fix. Still no expected date for this though.
  8. Get over yourself, I am 100% sure that the only info I am getting is from my dealer because Ford are not communicating with their customers directly. I was due to pick up my new car over a week ago and the day before Ford stopped new Pumas being registered but they haven’t given any indication when these cars will be available. My dealer is as frustrated as me with the lack of information from Ford, I came on this forum looking for other people’s experiences and to share what I have been told not to be accused of being stupid. Why not try to be helpful rather than offensive, Mr Unofix?
  9. Rant away if that is your wish tinkerbell, just try to be relevant to what the thread is about. By the way no parts required, it’s a software update that we are waiting for. It would be nice if Ford could give us some idea of how long it will take.
  10. This thread is about a specific recall that Ford announced last week, and their decision to refuse the release of new cars currently at dealerships, not the obvious worldwide car shortage due to parts. Please read thead before you start ranting. My concern is that Ford announced this restriction without communicating when a solution can be expected. This is unsatisfactory customer care.
  11. I was told by my helpful dealer that Ford are making another announcement today, Friday July 1st. I was due to to collect my new Puma Vignale 155 auto last Friday. Not having any idea when car will be released by Ford to be registered is extremely frustrating, especially when car is sitting at dealership. Poor show Ford, keep your customers informed. My sympathies are with those customers with no cars, I at least still have my trusted fiesta, and the dealerships who are stuck in limbo.
  12. Welcome to Ford Owners Club - Ford Forums. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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