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  1. Hi all Can anyone tell me where the engine serial/identification number is located on the Focus ST Thanks
  2. Awkward coolant hose!!

    yep in Fife..i spelt it wrong lol..its a split heater hose,gettin it fixed at an independant for £100
  3. Had a hose split today..250 miles from home!!What i want to know is who designed the layout of the Focus engine bay.Didnt they think that somebody one day might need access..to..say..a coolant hose.A job that should take a matter of minutes will probably take a couple of hours now!!Ridiculous..grrr.And it took 12 hours to be recovered from Dumfirmalin to Manchester.Well done the AA!!What a day.
  4. fuel leak

    think so.sighted just below the glowplugs??
  5. fuel leak

    oh 4got to say its a 2.0 tdci
  6. fuel leak

    ive a very slight fuel leak on one of the inlet pipes?or is it an injector?it isnt loose<infact its so tight im worried i might break it if i try to losen it.the leak seems to work up thru the thread.a machanic mate has suggested removing it and applying some compound around the thread..any ideas or comments would be appreciated
  7. Focus 2.0 tdci titanium

    hi mate i drive an 05 2.0 tdci titanium.its got a good amount of mid range grunt.i think u will be quite suprised when u drive 1.i get 40+ mpg if i dont drive too stupid :P
  8. weird noise

    hi mate i had a similar problem with my 05 focus last year.turned out to be a top suspension mount.had it replaced under warranty.dont know if thats any help
  9. sticking speedo

    hi guys im back again with another problem.the speedo on my 05 focus keeps sticking when it reaches 20mph.if i switch the engine off and restart it works ok till it hits 20.grrr.any1 got any ideas before i book it in and get stung
  10. ABS not working

    has any1 else encountered ABS problems with their focus,my 2005 2.0tdci has decided to play up...humph!how much will this cost to fix!?help guys :(