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  1. I dunno, I might just hold on to it and get a module somewhere down the line
  2. The original radio had just buttons 1-6 This sony radio has buttons 1-10
  3. Yeah. But although the radio channels work fine that way. Phone, blutooth and AUX are nonexistent. Think I may just try sending it back. Shame though as it's a nice radio.
  4. Yeah she just wants it for music in her car and phone calls. Not the end of the world she can just buy a dongle. Just with her radio going wrong, I thought an upgrade wouldn't hurt
  5. I dont know how he thinks that I don't need a module. Radio won't get Bluetooth without it, or am I seriously going daft?
  6. Yes! I looked last night. My son's zetec fiesta of the same year has a blutooth module under the glove box. So I presumed my daughters fiesta would be the same, but there isn't anything there. I can take photos to prove it if you would like? Like I said, I'm am a bit of a noob at this kind of thing, but when the seller told me it would be a straight swap I trusted them. Not really sure what I've done to annoy you to the point you feel you need to ban me.
  7. Same. I'm a noob to this sort of thing and presumed that the Bluetooth would simply come with the radio. Turns out I need a whole module and wiring to go to the radio. I can find a module, but does anybody know what wiring I would need to go to the Sony radio?
  8. The head unit is bluetooth. But but because one of the connections is diffrent I can't fully connect it
  9. Yeah, think I'll have to send it back. Don't think it's possible to have Bluetooth in this car without a load of additional wiring
  10. Hi Ive probably made a bit of a mistake but wondered if there was a simple way round it. Basically the bog standard radio in my daughters 2013 (facelift)Fiesta Zetec has packed up. Now rather than just replace it with the same one, I noticed a Sony model (out of a titanium) on ebay that was going for only a tenner more than the standard. I asked the seller if it would just be a straight swap and they said yes it would. Now tonight I have the radio out and it has diffrent fittings on the back. The old one has a mini USB fitting that is absent on the Sony and also only the Sony has an extra aerial socket which I presume is for the DAB. It's probably a lost cause. But is there any kind of wiring adaptor out the that may make the job simpler?
  11. Welcome to Ford Owners Club - Ford Forums. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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