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  1. I think they removed forced regen in 2016 and later from what I’ve read
  2. I’ll make sure to keep my mpg on while I’m driving. Thank you for the reassurance, been very stressed over the possibility of another £300 clean out haha
  3. Thank you for the feedback. so you think it could just be a case of it didn’t do because there wasn’t anything in particular drawing it to? Like it would come on every so often and this just didn’t happen to be the time? I’ll be trying to go 2,000rpm for motorway driving and it should be constant. Any idea how I can tell if the regen has kicked in? I know the rpm should go up but idk by how much
  4. Welcome to Ford Owners Club - Ford Forums. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  5. So I have a Diesel 2016 Ford Fiesta 1.5L TCDI zetec and I took it into the garage, and they said it had a dpf fault. I went to take it for a motorway drive to get the regeneration to kick in. Yesterday, I did about an hours drive at 70mph @ 2,200rpm and another hours drive back at just above 60mph @ about 3,200rpm. The warning light wasn’t on at this point because it had been reset but I wanted to try get a regen going anyway. Today the light has come back on. I’m going to take it back out for another drive. Is there anything specific I need to do? I read in the book between 1,500rpm and 3,000rpm but this didn’t work. I keep reading the figures 40-60mph on various sites and I was wondering if it specifically needs to be within these speeds and 1,500rpm - 3,000rpm at the same time? It’s still at the stage it can be cleared because my rpm isn’t limited to 3,000rpm like it has done previously.
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