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  1. Happy Birthday jonboy01!

  2. Focus 02 Handbrake Poor

    There are 2 separate cables that run from the main handbrake cable that go to either wheel mechanism..get someone to operate the handbrake while you check they both move freely just before they enter the drum mech..they operate a mechanism inside the drum that moves one brake pad per side.best thing to do is to jack the car up and rotate the wheel while someone operates the hand brake to see how much resistance you have on each side...it could be a lot of things from worn pads to contamination of the friction material to a rusty spring.unless you take the drum off its just gues work..if you are not too confident on working on brakes..take it to a garage...can't stress strongly enough how important brakes are on a car...
  3. Clutch Pedal Return Spring

    Well done the spring...awkward to get the old one out from behind the clutch pushrod mechanism or what?...had to split the pedal assembly in the end...not a job I would recommend . The old spring sat in a slot behind the pedal that I just couldn't get access to.the good news was that the new one went in sweet as a nut with the pedal separated and didn't have to Faf around with coins So should be all good for the next 10yrs...;-) Happy days.
  4. Clutch Pedal Return Spring

    Oh great ,sounds like a job that I will have to do this weekend,hurt my back last week so not looking forward to it at all.... Thanks to all who have posted so far and I now have a good idea of where to start.my local dealer has had to order this spring in as it broke this morning and I had a horrible moment when I thought my clutch had gone south.. No matter what breaks on my car they always have to order it in for me, must be the demand.. Will let you know how I get on :-)
  5. my mate had the same car and he too thought it was the valve, had it replaced(not cheap i might add.....) and it didnt solve the problem. turned out to be the big hose running to the turbo had a split in it.when the turbo was drawing air in it collapsed and drew air in from outside the car.....check your hoses first with the engine running,run your hands over them and give them a squeeze..might not be your problem but quick and easy to rule out. ;)
  6. could be a leaking rocker cover gasket causing the oil seapage?...remove the excess oil from around the plugs and soak them over night in penetrating oil.....something like this.http://www.halfords.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/product_storeId_10001_catalogId_10151_productId_274625_langId_-1_categoryId_165594 go easy on undoing them...use plenty of wd40 or the equivalent investigate the cause of the leak,could be as simple as a new gasket...
  7. Focus Losin Power

    have you noticed there is an audible "hiss" when you undo the fuel cap ???one of the possible causes of fuel starvation is a blocked vent hose to the petrol tank...try removing the fuel cap(or use one of the emergency caps for a while) to see if things improve. http://www.cableuniverse.co.uk/emergency-fuel-cap.html worth a try just to rule it out.
  8. High Level Brake Light

    if you remove the panel from the drivers side just under the steering wheel you will have better access to the brake switch...you dont say whether all the brake lights stay on or if its just the high level one?? but if they all stay on then the culprit would seem to be the brake switch..its located on the brake pedal assy inside the car.
  9. Focus Losin Power

    it does sound like fuel starvation....have you tried one of the mobile tuning guys ???worth a shot ...it could be just a blocked fuel filter. chuck some carb cleaner through the air intake when the engine is running, you might have a blocked injector.
  10. Spark Plugs

    mate of mine swears by Denso plugs..... havent tried them yet but hes had a set in every car he has owned(apart from the diesels.....lol...) http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/DENSO-PLATINUM-SPARK-PLUGS-FORD-FIESTA-1-25-1-4-ZETEC-/290382268247?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item439c21c757 for the price ... worth a try.
  11. Fiesta Mark 4 Radio Problem

    this is the link you need to get the code...you will need the serial number from the side of the unit and the model number ....joining is totally free and i have used the information from them a couple of times in friends cars successfully.. http://www.radio-code.lt/ have fun :)
  12. and a quick note if you are stuggling to remove the radio in a focus again...remove the drivers panel by your knee area(5 screws...) use a torch and you can read the code without removing the stereo....
  13. hi jim. i had the same on mine..wheel shake at 60-70mph and judder when hard braking from 50mph onwards. i changed pads and discs on mine for mintex from ebay..£45 for the set delivered..took about an hour all in. different car now and no wheel shake or judder. i was quoted £110 + from my local motor factor.
  14. Metallic Noise

    Could be a lot of different things...try checking the wheel nuts are tight..next check the brake caliper is not fouling on the disk..check the disc pads are notworn out..then theres the anti roll bar.check its not fouling on the frame..check the play on the suspension link arm..have you checked the brake dust shield isnt fouling on the wheel. if the garage cant find any fault then i would take it to another garage a.s.a.p... does it happen on right turns or left turns...could be a faulty steering rack... good luck mate ;)