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  1. hello Im thinking of painting the front calipers and up to now black is what i think im going to go for has anyone painted them white,Also black for the rear drums.
  2. Hello i live near the layfield arms pub it was called the harvester a few years back.
  3. not sure of the exact price But i think it was about £25 ish for the badges.
  4. Yes very easy to remove they just stick over the original ones so when you sell the car and want to remove them just pull them off.
  5. Hello It goes on my Key i thought i would get the whole set... :D i will post up some pics when they all on the car.
  6. Give dave a ring at DMB graphics they are spot on and the service is very good DMB GRAPHICS
  7. they have the BSAE stamp on them and was told they were legal when ordered them.
  8. i had orange gel badges on my orange focus st and the carbon plates i think they made a lot of difference.i will post some pics up when they are fitted to my car.
  9. Arrived today Gel ford badges and carbon gel plates will be fitting them tonight.
  10. Thanks for doing that not sure about doing it in white now Cheers Gary
  11. Hello Is there anyone on here that is good with photoshop Im wanting to see how the black part on the back bumper will look in white.Ive attached a pic of the back of my car if there is anyone that could do it for me so i can see what it looks like. Thanks Gary
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