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  1. stevo123

    DAB upgrade

    Thanks for the replies, probably wont bother, stick to using spotify through bluetooth. I only really wanted DAB for 6 music.
  2. stevo123

    DAB upgrade

    Has anyone got any advice for upgrading my radio in my 2010 fiesta zetec s to DAB.
  3. stevo123

    ! Guide ! Mk7 Fiesta Bulb Change

    Great guide glad i read it first, i did mine yesterday and although a bit fiddly its easy enough if you are careful, philips blue vision ultra w5w look good and they came free with the philips extreme vision H7.
  4. stevo123

    Boot Comes Open

    I did have this fixed under warranty a year ago, touch wood ok since.
  5. stevo123

    Petrol Filling Issues

    i went to put fuel in my car today and the nozel got stuck in the neck of the tank, it took ages to fill up then even longer to pull the nozel out, not looking forward to my next trip for fuel.
  6. stevo123

    Boot Opens On Its Own

    this happened to me earlier this year the boot kept opening, it was sorted out under warrenty.
  7. stevo123

    Boot Won't Open.

    my boot kept on coming open so i had it repaired under warranty last month.
  8. stevo123

    News Mats Recommendations

    i got some type s styled rubber mats with blue mesh inserts from halfords, cost £29.99 and are easily trimmed to fit and look really good.
  9. stevo123

    Another Buckled Alloy

    i was told it is cheaper for councils to pay out claims than get potholes repaired, there are loads on my way to work so i prefer to cycle.
  10. stevo123

    Boot Comes Open

    mine is going in friday, it should be done under warranty it was a year old last week.
  11. stevo123

    Boot Comes Open

    no key in back pocket
  12. stevo123

    Boot Comes Open

    i thought i had it sorted but i just went out and it kept constantly opening.
  13. stevo123

    Boot Comes Open

    i think it has something to do with the remote locking device because i can sit in the car stationary and here a clicking noise and then the boot pops open.
  14. stevo123

    Boot Comes Open

  15. stevo123

    Boot Comes Open

    hi there, the boot on my fiesta zetec s keeps coming open, i just done 7 miles home from work and it come open 3 times,has anyone else had this problem?