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  1. Ford S-Max Wet Footwells Water Ingress

    I guess this is it. TSB 9/3/08 Condensation dripping into the front footwell on the passenger side 45/2006 Should a customer express concern about dampness in the front footwell on the passenger side the probable cause is incorrect manufacturing tolerances in the joints of the climate control housing components. This allows condensation to escape from the bottom corner of the climate control housing when the air conditioning (A/C) is operating. To rectify this concern, the evaporator cover must be removed and butyl sealing strip applied to the gaps in the climate control housing. The affected carpet area should be dried/cleaned with locally procured cleaning agent. It is not necessary to install a new carpet. Before carrying out the procedure detailed in this bulletin eliminate all other possible causes for water entry into the front footwell (e.g. water entry after passing through a car wash or during very heavy rain).
  2. Engine Temperature Gauge Misbehaving

    Is there a way I can check this at home?
  3. I have a strange problem with a temperature gauge. It rarely shows the right temperature. The needle stays at 0 and it rarely climbs up, when it does (usually that happens on a motorway at above 120km/h speed) it climbs to a normal position and stays there until I brake. My first thought was thermostat but it passed the boiling water in a cup test. Cooling fans seem to do their job to. If I turn the heater to 30°C it blows hot air. Does anybody knows the location of a cooling water temperature sensor on 1.8TDCI (125PS)?
  4. Hi!

    Hello to you all. S-max (1.8TDCI)is my current choice for moving from A to B. Escort, Mondeo, Focus and Galaxy used to do this in the past.
  5. Ford S-Max Wet Footwells Water Ingress

    Techical service bulletin. Any Ford service should repair this without any costs.