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  1. hey guys i've just bought a ford escort finess and the wife says the clutch pedal is to hard and to low down for the bitting point , i've done the test of handbrake up and try to pull off in gear but it wont bugde so i now thats fine... so please any one help me thanks
  2. Hi people, i had to change my door locks due to lock wont open the car while i changed them my car alarm wont go on can anyone help me as i want to reset it how can it be done. I have disconted the battrie to reset the car but it dosent work any ans would be grate thanks ryan
  3. Help Car Just Died

    just got a new batt and i am wating for recovery to cheak that everything else is ok thanks for the responce just hope its the batt and not anything else alternator was 8v out put
  4. Help Car Just Died

    HI can anybody sergest what could be wrong with mt escort. I went out this morrning and drove it 7miles and the car just wont start. First the radio stoped working, and then the car started the jurk in first and second and the completly died had to get the car towed home by my friend. I am no car buff but mt dash lights are very dim which in my mind is the batt had it can any think what it could be thanks.
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  6. Speedometer Cable

    hi were can i get a speedometer cable for my 1996 ford escort had a look on line cant find any i would rather buy a new one if i can thanks any one help i found one buy changrd it and it still not working could it be the clock :(
  7. Escort Mk6 Engine Swap

    The mistake that i made when i changed my engine in my fiesta 1999 zetec is you have to reprograme the key to get the car started it stumped me for 4 weeks once i sold it to a car reparer i ask him and he told me ecu was sending the wrong singnel
  8. Help Cat Sensor

    Hi people i new to this if have replaced my engine and i have put the engine in and i have noticed that the cat sensor that comes off the cat like spark plug type the conector is diffrent i have tryed to change it but i cant seem to chenge it is there any whay to change it any serjestion to what i do i thought of cuting it and rewireing it but before i do that can anyone help its a 1999 125zetec the engine is of a 1998 fiesta :(