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  1. Access to Pollen filter

    Mk 7 1.0 (125 PS) Fiesta. Went to change the pollen filter today. Thought it would only take 15 mins. For some reason the centre screw of the plastic clip that holds the front of the console cover on (near the clutch) just keeps turning and wont unscrew. (Ford changed it last time). Anybody had the same problem and if so how did you solve it. I think I'll have to drill it out - but as its not a critical problem I'll wait until the weather improves. Tooooo cold.
  2. Ecoboost Engine Cover For The 1.0 Fiesta.

    Hi Guys, Have just fitted engine cover (Part number 1806222) to my wife's Fiesta 2014 Titanium 1.0 eco boost 125. You can use TWO fixings at the back- part numbers 1683973 and 1780192. Looking from the front of the car, the back left fitting screws on to a threaded bolt which is already in place. The back right fitting has a threaded screw at one end which fits into a thread on the block.(see location in photo posted previously in this thread). As also mentioned previously you need to take the air box pipe off and the oil filler cap. The cover at the back left fouled a pipe when I first tried to fit it so a very small section of the rubber cover needed to be removed with scissors so that it will push down onto the fitting. At the right side the air box pipe when refitted is in contact and up tight against the cover. I intend to monitor this and if necessary do another slight modification to the cover to give some clearance. Spoke to friendly service guy who said that the cover was not fitted originally because of the tight clearances and the need to take the air box pipe off to remove the cover. Parts department Manager told me that cars (Focus 1.0 ecoboost)) built after March this year have different fittings/cover arrangement. Rob
  3. Engine Shakes On 125 Ecoboost?

    Thanks Guys, Could do with someone videoing their engine to see if it sounds and "shakes" the same as mine.
  4. Engine Shakes On 125 Ecoboost?

    Hi Phil, Yea - expected it to shake a bit being a 3 pot but how much is "normal" I wonder. Also wonder what Ford have done to try and dampen the shakes? Has it a balancer shaft or some tie bar ? Someone on the site is sure to know? :)
  5. Just bought a fiesta titanium 125 ecoboost. Goes well. Never had a 3 pot before so not sure what to expect. For example when I look at the engine it shakes a bit on tickover compared to a four pot. Is this normal? Any other things to look out for would be helpful Thanks Guys
  6. Rear Rattle

    Thanks for that Jamie. I have a feeling that the top mount might be a possibility. I intend to strip the thing down when we get some fine weather as my garage is a bit narrow for side jobs. I will do a search to see what other members have experienced and work my way through them. Incidentally although a Newbie to the site I have 50 years (yes 50 years !!) experince of working on Fords right back to the old Popular models. This includes Anglias, Mk I and II Cortina GT's, Sierra Cosworth, Escorts, Mondeos, Focus, Fiestas etc. Thanks again for your suggestions. Rob
  7. Rear Rattle

    My wife's 1.25 2008 Mk 6 Fiesta Zetec Climate has developed a rattle at the rear. I think it is the offside shock absorber which is pretty easy to change. However I'm surprised that this should start at only 5,000 miles. Is this a known problem? Anyone else had this or some other cause of a rattle at the rear? I've eliminated the obvious by emptying the boot, removing the rear wheel, parcel shelf etc. At one time I thought it was the seat belt mechanism behind the trim but more likely the shock absorber. Ford say shock absorbers are not a warranty item (despite the low mileage). Thanks guys